A Modern Approach to Software Development – Agile Demystified

What is agile software development?  Agile software development is fundamentally an admission that more traditional approaches to software development are often ineffective for stakeholders as well as the product development teams on which the stakeholders depend. Agile approaches to software development incorporate many of the pragmatic aspects of software engineering that these legacy approaches have […]

Best Practices for Adopting and Managing Rolling Forecasts

As businesses get ready for their first quarterly board review of the new year, the CFO may be wondering “How can we be so far off of our budget numbers already?” Even if your company is still holding close to the numbers approved just months ago, every office of finance knows that soon they will […]

Know Where You Really Stand with Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Cash flow management is one of the most important functions of your finance team, and, by extension, your senior leadership team. From small businesses to international enterprises, understanding the rhythm of cash-in to expenses and debt is crucial to business operations. Poor cash management goes beyond disappointing your board of directors. It can ultimately lead […]

Four Reasons to Move to Self-Service Financial Analytics

We’ve said it before – businesses today need to move faster than ever before. To simply keep pace with competitors, organizations not only need to make faster, actionable decisions, they also need to make quality decisions firmly grounded in data.  The good news is that the tools to make faster and more effective decisions have […]

Should You Use Power BI for Your Financial Statements?

Let’s be honest, Microsoft Power BI wasn’t created with the intent to be used to create financial statements. However, a simple glance at discussion boards will show you there’s a lot of interest in building cash flow, income statements, balance sheets, and more in the business intelligence tool.  So how do you go about using it for your financial statements? Getting the data in place […]

The Impact of Modern Intelligent Planning Technologies

Modern technology has changed the face of financial planning for companies, large and small. Advancements like APIs and micro-services, business intelligence and data warehouses, and cloud computing have created a seismic shift in the potential tools for the Office of Finance.  But the shift is even greater than that. As we talked about in our […]