Why Businesses Are Choosing Other Options Over Excel Spreadsheets for Financial Forecasting


Excel is a popular spreadsheet tool for personal and business use. This accessible program can accomplish various tasks, such as financial forecasting and budgeting. Excel is an easy-to-use platform for inputting numbers and getting results with simple formulas. Businesses can also customize templates to suit their unique needs. If your business has used Excel for […]

Scenario Planning in Uncertain Times

Your business can use historical and recent business performance with the recurrent business cycle and seasonal trends to predict your organization’s financial performance in various scenarios. With this information, you can make critical strategic decisions, such as how much to spend on a major marketing campaign or whether to expand into a new market. There […]

How to Overcome the Difficulty of Managing Financial Strategies in Excel for Businesses

How to overcome the difficulty of managing financial strategies in Excel for Businesses

Excel is a powerful tool that many individuals and businesses use for managing finances. Depending on the size and needs of your business, however, you may experience some challenges with using Excel. These concerns could include time-consuming manual entry, difficulties consolidating data, less security for sensitive information, limited collaboration capabilities, delayed reporting, and difficulties accessing […]

The Role of Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Business Budgeting in Modern FP&A

business budgeting

Business budgeting is a crucial factor with the ability to impact a business’ long-term success or failure. Along with providing important information regarding day-to-day operations, an accurate budget better enables companies to predict revenue, trim costs, and make decisions regarding expenditures and opportunities. Although there are multiple ways to craft a business budget, most companies […]

Plan for Today to Better Prepare for Tomorrow: Rolling Budgets & Rolling Forecasts

rolling forecasting

For most businesses, the current economic circumstances – and looking at what may lay ahead – haven’t just resulted in financial uncertainty, it’s also brought to light the inherent challenges with using conventional budgeting methodologies to track and anticipate future business performance. If companies want to be prepared for the months and years ahead and […]

What SaaS Really Means for Modern FP&A

As a business leader, you’ve probably heard the term SaaS (Software as a Service) but may not fully understand what it means for finance teams or how it can enable you to run your company more efficiently and effectively. Given the current business environment, today’s finance leaders need to be agile and adjust their technology […]

How to Read a Budget vs Actual Report

How to Read a Budget vs Actual Report

Every business needs a budget — but having a budget is just the start. In addition to making a budget every month, quarter, or year, you also need to compare that budget to what your company actually earns and spends. Without a comparison between your forecasted income and expenses and your company’s actual income and […]

Finding the Optimal Path to Success Using Financial Scenario Planning

financial scenario planning

Every business has a set of interconnected levers, commonly referred to as business drivers, that affect the operational expenses and financial results. Common business drivers include personnel, physical stores, various product lines, units of production and so on. For instance, the more sales staff available, the more revenue to be gained, but the more expenses […]