CASE STUDY: Pumps, Parts, & Service, Inc.

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Charlotte, NC
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“The ease of use, coupled with robust reporting and drill down capabilities made Centage the right choice for us.”

Mark Howell, Controller of Pumps, Parts & Service, Inc.

“The solution was very intuitive and the workforce planning module was especially attractive as we need to get a better handle on our personnel expenses across each business unit.”

Mark Howell, Controller of Pumps, Parts & Service, Inc.

PP&S Streamlines the Annual Budgeting Process with Centage

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Pumps, Parts & Service, Inc., (PP&S) is a regional wholesale distributor of rotating and process equipment serving industrial and municipal clients, including steel, automotive, tire and chemical manufacturers throughout the Southeast. Since its beginning in 1981, PP&S has grown into a multi-state distributorship, with nearly 60 employees across five regional sales and service centers, whose brand is recognized in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and the Florida panhandle.


When Controller Mark Howell joined the company, he inherited a cumbersome budgeting process. The annual budget was historically built in large, complicated Excel spreadsheets that often required seasonal help from outside accountants to prepare budget data. Overwhelmed with embedded formulas, the multi-tabbed spreadsheet included revenue models and personnel expense models for each of the five business units. After three years of preparing the budgeting in this manner and spending far too much time unraveling complex data models, Howell decided that, to best support the growing needs of the business, PP&S needed to abandon the Excel-based budgeting model and find a solution that could streamline the annual planning process.


Howell evaluated three budgeting software packages offered by Prophix, Adaptive and Centage. In the end, he chose Centage for the software’s unique combination of functionality, flexibility and value.



By implementing the solution to streamline the planning and forecasting, Howell has been able to considerably improve the annual budgeting process at PP&S. Howell can import data from General Ledger accounts and manipulate the data by key account, sales territory, or business unit to develop top line revenue. The product’s drill down capabilities also allow him to view various
expense data in smaller denominations like health benefits, 401(k)contributions, and compensation components.

The ability to better manage and rapidly analyze data also enables Howell to isolate certain expenses and flag inconsistencies quickly. As a result, he can concentrate his efforts on managing the process and planning for results instead of double checking Excel formulas.