Budgeting Software That Fits

The importance of having business accounting software that works the way your company does  Accounting software purveyor AccountMate Software uses the slogan “Software that Fits” to describe the essence of their products, namely, software that fits every company that licenses it, either straight out of the box or through customization of source code by their […]

Partner Spotlight – Q & A with eBridge Connections

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with eBridge Connections, a provider of cloud-based ERP and accounting integration solutions that automate vital business processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry. The eBridge universal integration platform supports over 30 ERP and accounting systems including products from Sage, Microsoft, SAP, NetSuite, and Epicor. After our Q&A session with them, […]

Do You Practice Lean Processes? How About Lean Accounting and Finance? – Part 2

In the first installment of this article, I wrote: If every iteration of the budget requires many hours or even days of work to recompile the budget and its derived forecasted reports and financial statements, you are not practicing Lean Budgeting! Here’s why: If your budget model is overly complex and you’re using spreadsheets or […]

Do You Practice Lean Processes? How About Lean Accounting and Finance? – Part 1

See what Lean accounting and finance can do for your company We’ve heard the buzzword “Lean” as it pertains to an organization’s transformation into a more efficient set of operations for a while now. Often perceived as radical, it promises great results and endless opportunities for incremental improvements. The concepts originated in Japan, led by […]

Accounting for the Holidays

It’s easy to be distracted this time of year and take our minds off our jobs and careers. That’s not a bad thing but there’s still the reality that its year-end and there are loose ends to tie up. And of course, we want our organizations to get their money’s worth from us no matter […]