Workday Acquires Adaptive Insights: What This Could Signal for FP&A

The FP&A ( financial planning and analysis) world received some big news in mid-June. Corporate and enterprise performance management juggernaut, Workday, announced that it would acquire business planning solution provider Adaptive Insights. The two companies plan to finalize the merge later in 2018, with Workday paying over $1.5 billion for Adaptive. The deal means that […]

Budgeting Software That Fits

The importance of having business accounting software that works the way your company does  Accounting software purveyor AccountMate Software uses the slogan “Software that Fits” to describe the essence of their products, namely, software that fits every company that licenses it, either straight out of the box or through customization of source code by their […]

6 Telltale Signs it’s Time to Move Beyond Spreadsheets for Business Budgeting

It’s easy to understand why companies turn to spreadsheets for budgeting. The interfaces are familiar. The cost of entry is low. The software is accessible to everyone in the company. But as your company grows, using spreadsheets for business budgeting can cause more problems than they solve. As operations become more complex, so does budgeting […]

What to Look for in a Financial Forecasting Tool

Technology has revolutionized just about every aspect of corporate life, and fortunately for CFOs, that includes the way we can now forecast cash flow statements, balance sheets, workforce expenses, sales and revenue and P&L. What’s particularly exciting is the way technology can automate how financial data flows through models and forecasts, freeing financial teams from […]

What Does the Annual Business Budget Mean to You?

How different functions in the company have different views on the process In all but the smallest companies there are quite a few people involved in the annual business budget preparation. While finance generally owns the process, every division and department in the company has something to do with it. As such, many employees are […]

The Business Budgeting Challenge: Why Has It Become So Complex?

There’s no doubt business budgeting has become more complex than it used to be. At the same time, there have been massive strides in technology and innovation. Both advancements should make budgeting easier. So, where’s the disconnect? As we enter a new horizon in business budgeting and forecasting, many organizations find themselves at a crossroads. […]

Manufacturing a Bad Business Budget is Bad Business

It’s somewhat ironic that a company with ‘precision’ in the name of one of its’ divisions was struggling to create a business budget that was precise enough to accurately manage their operational and financial needs. But it’s not that uncommon. At Centage, we did a case study last year about our client, McAuley Engineering, that […]

Strengthening Business Relationships: 4 Pillars to Success

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to remind us to let the people we care about know how much they mean to us. Our spouses and partners, kids and parents, and our closest circles of friends each get a special nod of appreciation on Valentine’s Day. It’s great to show them that we want them […]

Business Budgeting by Line item or Category: 4 Tips to Decide What Makes Sense

If you could budget down to the individual employee level, should you? How about to the individual product level? Should those be broken out by state as well? Does it matter how much detail you include when budgeting for your revenues and expenses? Of course it does. The time and effort to create and maintain […]

The Secret to Streamlining Project-based Business Budgeting

Professional service firms and their corporate counterparts have the interesting challenge of creating proposals, managing projects, and staying within budget, all without producing a physical product. Client and project-based work is the bread and butter of consultants, accountants, financial advisers, project managers, and a myriad of other professionals. The silver bullet to managing these projects […]