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Redefining how healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech providers and organizations budget, forecast, analyze and report.

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[Check List] Financial Planning for
Healthcare Organizations

Learn why many healthcare organizations are looking to automate and integrate financial planning functions, with the use of cloud financial planning software.

Healthcare Toolkit, Centage

[Case Study] Mountain View Hospital Streamlines Data Entry and Simplifies
Scenario Planning

Learn how Mountain View Hospital moved away from Excel and streamlined budgeting for over 60 departments and cost centers with Planning Maestro.

Healthcare Toolkit, Centage

[Blog] Modern Healthcare Budgeting Must Address New Challenges

Financial planning and budgeting can play a huge role in helping doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities address some of their biggest challenges head-on.

Healthcare Toolkit, Centage

[Webinar] Cash Flow Analysis, Scenario Planning and Forecasting in Times of Uncertainty

Planning Maestro automatically adjusts projected revenues, expenses and the anticipated bottom line, based on incoming actuals.

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