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Centage Releases Intelligent Dashboards to Help Customers Visualize Performance At-A-Glance

April 20, 2021
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Dashboards offer businesses the ability to quickly and easily view and understand performance data in order to plan intelligently and predict future performance.

Natick, MA (April 20, 2021) – Centage Corporation (, the leading provider of cloud-based intelligent planning solutions for finance teams, is announcing their new intelligent dashboard capabilities within its flagship product, Planning Maestro, a powerful, easy to use, and quick to implement software for finance teams.The web-based dashboards provide simple, easy-to-digest views of business performance data that users across the organization can explore in unique and meaningful ways to take action in their business.

The customizable dashboards use easy-to-understand visualizations highlighting key financial data and metrics such as variance comparisons allowing users to discover and drill in for deeper insights. Planning Workflow status can also be added to the Dashboard allowing finance teams to track progress of budget and forecast tasks. Intelligent Dashboards empowers both finance and non-finance users to collaborate on the key metrics and planning tasks that matter most to them, so they can better understand their business and make strategic decisions. 

The Intelligent Dashboards functionality follows the recent release of three new editions of Planning Maestro, Centage’s intelligent planning solution, designed to support a wide range of businesses as they grow, plan, and make decisions to optimize performance. The new web dashboards are available in all 3 editions of Planning Maestro - Standard, Professional and Enterprise. 

“Being able to explore financial data in simple, easy to understand and manipulate dashboards is critical to monitoring the performance of today’s dynamic businesses, “says John Murdock, chief executive officer of Centage. “This latest release of our Dashboards is another example of our commitment to product innovation for small and midsize businesses.  We continue to focus on developing solutions to help customers streamline their decision-making processes, grounding them in accurate, up-to-date data to optimize the health of their businesses.” 

To learn more about our Intelligent Dashboards, click here.

About Centage

Centage is a leading provider of modern FP&A software solutions that empower Finance teams to lead the way to a stronger, more agile business. Our cloud platform, Planning Maestro, makes sophisticated budgeting, planning, and forecasting easy and accessible. Intuitive automation accelerates workflows and improves accuracy, enabling Finance leaders to deliver reliable information and meaningful insights at the speed of today's business. Centage serves over 10,000 users worldwide. Visit, follow on LinkedIn, or visit the Centage Blog for the latest insights.