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Our National Spreadsheet Day with VisiCalc Inventors Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston

Our National Spreadsheet Day with VisiCalc Inventors Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston, Centage

On Tuesday, October 17th, we decided to get in on the fun of National Spreadsheet Day by inviting the inventors of the first computer spreadsheet program, VisiCalc, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston over for a celebration of spreadsheets and a dedication ceremony our new Bricklin-Frankston Training Center.

Invented in 1979, VisiCalc revolutionized the way people saw computers, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs has even been quoted as saying, “VisiCalc … propelled … the success [of Apple] … more than any other single event.” Although obscure as far as national days go, National Spreadsheet Day does take place every October 17th and celebrates the invention of a program that most businesses simply couldn’t live without.

At our headquarters in Natick Massachusetts we were thrilled to share the day with Bricklin and Frankston who cut the ribbon of the new Bricklin-Frankston Training Center, before the two inventors discussed their world-changing application. Dan presented a slideshow and video about the birth of the spreadsheet and Bob talked about his role in creating the game-changing software.

After the presentation, employees and guests enjoyed lunch and celebratory cupcakes. “I think it’s important to celebrate our roots and look back at the technology that has helped us get to where we are today,” said Centage CEO Barry Clapp. “We were honored to celebrate the naming of our new Training Center with the two men that started it all, Mr. Bricklin and Mr. Frankston.” “I like how Centage has been naming rooms after those whose contributions have provided the basis on which the company was founded,” Bricklin told us, “I am honored to be included among them, and am pleased to have been able to meet some of those who are building on that base.”

Although this National Spreadsheet Day is now over, we are excited to plan for next year! How did you celebrate National Spreadsheet Day? Has the invention of the spreadsheet changed your life or business? Tell us about it on our Facebook or Twitter pages! Also, be sure to check out pictures from the event here!