Scenario Planning Toolkit

Driver-based Scenario Planning to help your
Business Thrive in Unexpected Situations

Scenario Planning Toolkit, Centage

[Paper] The Role of Scenario Planning in Better Cash Flow Management

Learn the challenges and opportunities of improving your ability to plan for multiple scenarios.

Scenario Planning Toolkit, Centage

[Blog] Why Your Business Should Be Running What-If Scenarios

To say there are a number of benefits to what-if scenario planning would be an understatement, learn why.

Scenario Planning Toolkit, Centage

[Case Study] Scenario Planning Identifies Risks and Rewards 

Learn how ClearTrack uses Centage’s built-in “what-if” scenario planning to expose blind spots and identify unknown risks and rewards. 

Scenario Planning Toolkit, Centage

[Best Practice] The Importance of What-If Scenarios to Financial Planning

There are more reasons to invest time in what-if budgets than just adapting to the worst-case scenario.

Scenario Planning Toolkit, Centage

[Blog] Using Scenario Planning Tools for What-If Analysis

Discover how what-if scenarios help organizations know how to adjust when elements of their planning go awry.

Scenario Planning Toolkit, Centage

[Webinar] What Finance Leaders Need to  Know About Scenario Planning

Learn why scenario planning is the best defense against uncertainty in an unpredictable economy.

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