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Request a Quote, CentageCollaborate with your business stakeholders on scenarios for revenue, expense, and personnel plans improving visibility and accuracy of projections. Integrate data from multiple systems making it easy to understand performance to plan, identify anomalies and analyze variances to plan expectations.

Request a Quote, CentageStreamline your budgeting process, replace spreadsheets, and automate request and approval workflow. Support for incremental based, zero-based, top-down, and bottoms up activity-based approaches. Add driver-based rules, allocations, financial assumptions, enforce chart of accounts, and extend below the G/L for more granular needs.

Request a Quote, CentageCreate continuous multi-year or rolling forecasts across a variety of flexible time horizons (monthly, 3+9, 6+6, 9+3, 12+12, Rolling 5 Quarter, etc.) Incorporate actual trends, seasonality, cycles, moving averages, or a variety of assumptions to compare and adjust forecasts. Compare multiple what-if forecast scenarios to track plan against a range of outcomes.

Request a Quote, CentageEmpower your stakeholders, business users, and executives with performance dashboards, variance reports, and accurate financial statements and management reports. Drill down through hierarchies for your business to explore detail by company, division, location, etc. Confidence in your Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, and Income Statement projections.