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Collaborative budgeting software that aligns and engages your entire company.

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Leave Excel behind and build a plan with the business not for the business that gets your company aligned, bought into a plan, and ready to execute.

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“Budget revisions in Excel would take me 5 or 6 hours – doing them in Centage, it’s 20 minutes – so it’s a pretty significant time savings.”

Renee Sherman

VP of Finance, Urban Ventures

"Excel had become extremely painful whenever I needed to layer on another acquisition or modify my projections."

Russell Taylor

Controller, Mountain View Hospital

“Centage lets us be smart about what we will do in the future.”

Joan Edelman

CFO, Wakeland Housing and Development

“I look at the numbers and quickly have so much more confidence in them… It’s really just a push of the button now.”

Jodi Norris

Controller, The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh

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Get out of maintenance mode

Excel works well for FP&A – until it doesn’t. When the next formula breaks, you’re spending time fixing mistakes instead of strategically planning.

One tool to manage your whole FP&A process

Pain-free consolidation

Fast budgeting

Predictive planning & forecasting

Ongoing in-house advisory

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Seamless integration with any ERP or GL

Easily pull in your general ledger data to perform a range of powerful budgeting, planning, and forecasting activities—quickly and painlessly.

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We’ve helped thousands of companies

Don't just listen to us. Read what our customers are saying:

There is nothing that I can compare to the level of support we have received from Centage – I have never had this type of support for a piece of software.

We used Centage to do some worst-case scenario planning, such as losing 50% of our revenue and planned hours. It was a huge benefit to forecast the impact on our revenue.

Because this solution is so easy to use, we have a lot of ownership from the directors. They can easily go in and review and really own their own budget numbers.

It’s made the process much easier when we go to build the budget year-over-year – it’s been a huge help.

I look at the numbers and quickly have so much more confidence in them… It’s really just a push of the button now.

More of my time is spent focusing on analyzing the data rather than spending time entering the data.

I can change forecasts and get new information faster and without extra headaches... Centage lets us be smart about what we will do in the future.

We are able to spend less time talking about the numbers in the budget and spend more time on how we’re going to get there.

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