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    Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting Software

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    Centage Ranks as an Overall Leader in 2022 Dresner Wisdom of Crowds EPM Market Study

    Maintained a Perfect Score for Likelihood to Recommend.

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    Making the Big Shift: Transitioning from Growth to Capital Efficiency

    Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times

    Why accurate cash flow insights matter more during times of constant change.

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    Cloud Financial Planning

    Improve visibility with better insight into the health of the business. Integrate data from multiple sources, making it easier to know what to do first and why.


    With Planning Maestro, build a driver-based budget model in days. Test multiple scenarios, generate accurate, automated forecasts, and enforce your chart of accounts.


    With Planning Maestro, Centage's financial forecasting software, forecast the impact of multiple scenarios. Quickly identify where, when and why actuals differ from plan, so you can take appropriate action.

    Reporting & Analytics

    With Planning Maestro financial reporting and analytics is made easy. Quickly put analytics-based actionable reports and dashboards at every stakeholder’s fingertips.

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    Trusted By More Than 10,000 Users

    My budgeting process for 2020 probably took 25% less time than for 2019 for the mere fact that updating areas across the tool was much faster. I love the ease of navigation and user experience, the ability to open multiple tabs at the same time for different areas within the tool, and most of all the SPEED!
    – Megan Bah, CFO, Cultural Vistas
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    Want to see Planning Maestro in action?

    Let us show you a better way to plan, budget, forecast and report. See how Planning Maestro gives you back valuable hours and delivers useful financial intelligence all year long.
    This hospital used an Excel spreadsheet with 40 tabs. It was not reliable & the time it took to manage risked the need for additional staff.
    This healthcare organization grew tired of too many budget updates with too little accuracy when managing multiple networks of providers.
    As a nonprofit, this company's biggest asset was their cash. Learn how Planning Maestro helped them forecast their cash flow.
    This software & technology company faced time consuming errors and redundancies that prevented them from focusing on strategic initiatives.

    The shift from boom growth to capital efficiency has already begun . . . Make sure your company is prepared.

    Download our white paper: “Making the Shift: Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times”, to learn how an insightful, strategic, and accurate cash flow budget will allow you to manage scarce resources effectively. 

    Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times

    2022 Wisdom of Crowds® Enterprise Performance Management Market Study

    In this year’s study, Centage once again ranked an Overall Leader in both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility in the 2022 Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds® Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Study. 

    Centage also maintained a Perfect Score for Likelihood to Recommend.