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Our Mission

Making financial planning & analysis easier through awesome software and service

Our Story

We’re the experts in FP&A

Founded in 2001, Centage has been a reliable name in FP&A software for more than 20 years with our products Budget Maestro, Planning Maestro, and Analytics Maestro. Our leadership team brings ample FP&A experience to the table – some of our in-house financial experts and advisors have been with us for over a decade. We have deep experience in the field of financial software. We were here yesterday, and we’ll be here tomorrow.

Our software gives CFOs, Controllers, and other FP&A professionals the user-friendly planning, forecasting, and analytics tools they need to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Centage’s in-house expert advisors lend a human touch to implementation and ongoing support to align on your goals, no matter how complicated your challenge.

Our values

Our shared values keep us connected and guide us as one team.

Customer first

Software doesn’t create success — people do. Our customers are our lifeblood, and we will not rest until we’re satisfied that we have done everything we can to make them happy.


We believe in transparency, which is evident in our relentless pursuit of excellence. When we fail, we fail openly and communicate our failures to the entire company and to our customers.

Respect & integrity

As a company, we treat each other with respect, and we always act with the utmost integrity. We assume positive intent from our colleagues and customers.

Fast (but thoughtful)

We act with a sense of urgency when the decisions are reversible. We don’t slow down to avoid mistakes, we value mistakes and share them to learn.

Join the team

Want to work with some of the best global talent and build software used by all the companies you know and love? Join the team — we’re hiring!

Our Team

Executive leadership team

Peter Messana
Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Walther
Chief Technology Officer
Brooke Hernandez
Vice President of Customer Success
Zak Quintanilla
Director of RevOps / Growth Strategy
Alex Weiche
Director of Finance

Senior leadership team

Kate Drenckhahn
Senior Product Manager
Mike Matthews
Sr. Director of Sales
Olga Melnik
Director of Consulting

We’ve helped thousands of global companies

Read what our customers are saying:

There is nothing that I can compare to the level of support we have received from Centage – I have never had this type of support for a piece of software.

We used Centage to do some worst-case scenario planning, such as losing 50% of our revenue and planned hours. It was a huge benefit to forecast the impact on our revenue.

I look at the numbers and quickly have so much more confidence in them… It’s really just a push of the button now.

More of my time is spent focusing on analyzing the data rather than spending time entering the data.

I can change forecasts and get new information faster and without extra headaches... Centage lets us be smart about what we will do in the future.

We are able to spend less time talking about the numbers in the budget and spend more time on how we’re going to get there.