An in-house team of FP&A experts at your fingertips

Customer success is one of our highest values at Centage. We provide an array of service and support offerings designed to help customers get the greatest value from our product and supercharge their FP&A processes. The highest level of support we offer is a unique, in-house team of experts: Centage Advisors.


Expert support to fit your unique needs

Centage Advisors help our users customize the software to make it the exact right fit, and deliver a precisely customized solution for every customer.


Implementation, setup, and go-live support from experts who will ensure seamless GL/ERP integrations — all provided remotely


Advisors provide customers with the resources and knowledge that they need during the early months of Centage setup and use

Product Expertise

Organize how data flows from your environment into Centage to populate planning models with accurate data

Ongoing Advisory

On call to advise on strategy & align on the value our customers expect Centage to deliver: training sessions, health checks, and beyond

Our experts live here

Centage Advisor pricing is built into our packages — expert support is not something we outsource. Most FP&A software companies charge you per hour or on a project basis, which can range from $10K to over $30K per year.

While our software is easy to implement and use, we believe our customers should have experts there to help if needed. We won’t send you to third party firms for this level of support. Collectively our Advisors bring decades of FP&A experience to the table — and all of them are Centage team members.


Industry-leading support

The expert Advisor role — unique to Centage — is focused on helping customers with implementation, training, and consulting on best practices for budgeting models and reporting options within the tool. The mission of Centage’s Advisor team is to provide services to our clients so that their budgeting process is smoother, more streamlined, and much quicker than before.

In addition to our team of Advisors, we also assign each customer a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and offer extensive resources in our online Help Hub.

We’ve helped hundreds of global companies

Read what our customers are saying:

There is nothing that I can compare to the level of support we have received from Centage – I have never had this type of support for a piece of software.

We used Centage to do some worst-case scenario planning, such as losing 50% of our revenue and planned hours. It was a huge benefit to forecast the impact on our revenue.

Because this solution is so easy to use, we have a lot of ownership from the directors. They can easily go in and review and really own their own budget numbers.

It’s made the process much easier when we go to build the budget year-over-year – it’s been a huge help.

I look at the numbers and quickly have so much more confidence in them… It’s really just a push of the button now.

More of my time is spent focusing on analyzing the data rather than spending time entering the data.

I can change forecasts and get new information faster and without extra headaches... Centage lets us be smart about what we will do in the future.

We are able to spend less time talking about the numbers in the budget and spend more time on how we’re going to get there.