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Flexible FP&A solutions customized to your needs

Centage offers tailored solutions depending on your industry, your role, or the specific FP&A processes most critical to your team.

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We work great for...


Clinics, dental offices, physical therapy offices, senior centers… Centage offers solutions to common problems like staffing ratio calculations and financial report consolidation for healthcare businesses.

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Nonprofits must carefully manage project budgets and forecast cash flow from unpredictable sources well into the future. Centage enables frequent reporting and detailed workforce planning.

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Multiple locations/entities

Rolling up P&Ls, balance sheets, or cash flow statements from multiple sources is a common FP&A challenge we solve. Report at the entity level, global company level, and any sub-grouping in between.

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Centage for different roles

Centage adds value to every level of the finance department, and beyond.

CFOs, finance leaders

Manage your entire budgeting & planning process in one place. Contribute, collaborate, and easily generate detailed reporting with software tailored to harness and focus the power of your team.

Controllers, budget managers

Eliminate days of busy work with Centage’s error-free, drag & drop software. Create your budgets in a fraction of the time, gathering input from your team and reporting efficiently up the chain to leadership.

CEO, board, investors

Make data-driven decisions by empowering your finance team to answer your questions in real time. Customized KPI dashboards ensure your finance function stays on track year-round.


Formula-free, error-free, drag & drop FP&A software