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Centage is Investing in our Customers' Success

March 31, 2020
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Companies around the world and in all industry segments are experiencing uncertain times. Now, more than ever, companies need to be agile with financial planning and have a clear understanding of cash position to navigate and ensure their success.

During the past two quarters, Centage made several investments focused on our customers. I’m glad we made these investments as they have enabled us to help customers react quickly to the current economic climate. We are actively helping customers complete cash flow analysis, run scenario plans, and assess forecasts for their business over the next several quarters. I’m proud to see Centage add tangible value to our customers during this unusual economic climate.

Centage will continue to invest in helping our customers assess, adjust, and thrive in the months and quarters ahead. Stay tuned for more announcements. In the meantime, here is a recap of  the announcements from earlier in the quarter.

New Service Offerings

As busy financial professionals, our customers understand the importance of intelligent planning but may not have the time to learn or implement the extensive features available within Planning Maestro. Centage now offers a turn-key experience for customers that provides a certified Planning Maestro consultant to help with implementation, setup, go-live, and training – services that can all be provided remotely. The service provides customers with the resources and knowledge that they need during the early months of Planning Maestro setup and use, ensuring finance teams can take advantage of all of the forecasting and budgeting features available to meet their unique goals for intelligent planning and analytics.

For customers in immediate need of the flexibility, availability, and agility that Planning Maestro offers, Centage is also now offering a Scenario Planning Service. This service gets companies up and running with the Centage planning suite so that finance teams can realize rapid value and clarity in a matter of days. We’re pleased to offer the assistance customers need so that they have access to forecasts, cash flow analysis, and scenario planning during these uncertain times.

New Online Help Portal, the Maestro Help Hub

Centage customers can now get access to a wealth of information and assistance from product experts and other Planning Maestro users in our new community and knowledge base tool, Maestro Help Hub. In addition to having direct access to experts and a robust knowledge base, the Maestro Help Hub will allow users to submit and track support tickets and interact with other customers. The community features provide access to other CFOs and office of finance team members to promote sharing ideas and best practices for modern finance teams. This resource is included for all customers as part of their cloud subscription to the Planning Maestro products.

Expanded our Customer Success Organization

Ensuring that every customer has the tools they need to see success with Planning Maestro has always been important to Centage. We only feel successful if we meet and exceed the needs of our clientele. To ensure that mission remains top of mind, Centage created a position within the organization – the Vice President of Customer Success. To fill the role, Centage promoted Nate Burnes, formerly the Director of Product Management. Mr. Burnes’s deep experience with our products and customer use cases makes him the ideal candidate to oversee Centage’s Consulting, Customer Success, Customer Advocacy, Enablement, and Support teams. Mr. Burnes will report directly to our CEO, John Murdock.

If you are interested in further information on any of these announcements, or in our rapid implementation package, contact Centage today. Together we can plan for a clearer, brighter future.

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