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Revenue Volume Forecasting for Wholesale Client Part 2 of 2

January 16, 2015
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Revenue volume forecasting is often the primary variable for wholesale and retail companies’ annual budgeting process. As the forecast timelines shorten to weekly updates, the need to adjust sales volumes becomes paramount, and the risk of maintaining and troubleshooting a formula based tool like Excel is inefficient. With helpful options of standard and component costs, inventory and backlog, the Revenue model of Budget Maestro can offer relief and assistance. One of Budget Maestro’s wholesaler clients, Wholesaler, is a master distributor who greatly benefits from the software.Importing more than 1,000 SKUs which are delivered to nearly 1,500 national clients, Wholesaler has intricate operations. Monthly updated “volume by product” and fluctuating exchange rates also result in rapidly changing costs. Budget Maestro allows Wholesaler to load volume assumptions from the sales team with the latest changes per SKU for each customer. In addition, the related material costs by SKU from the purchasing team can be loaded simultaneously to market demand. Drivers allow for assumptions of “cases per pallet” and “weight per pallet”, driving allocations of “warehouse costs per pallet” and “shipping costs per pallet”. All key costs of the acquisition, storage and distribution of the SKU by customer are handled with the Inventory Related Costs and Sales Related Cost models.Once the latest metrics are loaded, all the results are pushed out to dashboards in the Analytics Maestro business intelligence tool. This provides a graphical look at not only the profitability by customer, but also by SKU. Due to assumptions that are built on the same foundational accounts and segments that are stored in the Dynamics NAV general ledger, Link Maestro is able to load actual data that aligns with the forecast assumptions. This data synchronizes in Analytics Maestro as well allowing for budget to actual comparisons. So they can slice and dice data for groups of customers by region or channel manager, as well ask SKU by product group, brand, warehouse, or sales region. The synergy of Budget Maestro, Link Maestro and Analytics Maestro provides clients with a more granular look at the drivers impacting the bottom line.

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