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How to Streamline Multi-Location Healthcare FP&A

December 8, 2023
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Financial management can be a significant challenge for multi-location medical facilities. As multi-site healthcare businesses grow and evolve, the demand for advanced financial planning and budgeting solutions shifts from being a "nice to have" to presenting a crucial need for attaining business objectives.

Companies offering services like LASIK eye surgeries, orthopedic treatments, or specialized surgical procedures are increasingly feeling the weight of FP&A challenges associated with operating in multiple locations or consolidating multiple P&Ls.

Streamlining these complexities with dedicated FP&A software enables businesses like these to be more productive, increase efficiency, and boost profit margins.

When healthcare companies need FP&A software for managing multiple locations or consolidating P&L statements

An inevitable challenge for multi-site healthcare providers is managing accurate and error-free budgets. Errors in financial planning can result in significant cost implications that could effect future planning, operations, and overall business growth. Employing advanced financial planning tools can help businesses take control of their financial processes by creating precise budgets. This proactive approach helps eliminate errors, save costs, and puts businesses on the path towards sustainable growth.

One common hurdle in multi-location operations is the ability to consolidate financial data for closely-knit analysis. A holistic financial view is vital to thoroughly understand the financial health and potential risks of the business. To achieve this, finance leaders should consider incorporating FP&A software that consolidates data from different locations. This results in one clear, accurate financial picture that forms a solid foundation for strategic decisions, navigation of potential business outcomes, and establishing future business plans.


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Further complicating matters, manual financial tasks can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially for multi-location businesses. An abundance of spreadsheets and documents can stifle efficiency and hinder growth.

To counter this, it's important to embrace the possibilities of automation. Through automation, businesses can significantly reduce the time spent on tedious manual tasks, improve productivity, and mitigate human error.

Financial managers often have difficulty finding flexible financial solutions that adapt to the changing demands of their business. An adaptable financial tool can offer the necessary flexibility while effectively managing complex financial processes. This can be a game changer, bridging the gap between growing business needs and outdated financial management systems.

Automating budget consolidation and reporting

Another approach to managing multi-location facilities involves leveraging continuous advisory support from FP&A experts. Dedicate FP&A consultants can provide thorough financial interpretation and strategic advice based on industry best practices and innovations. These seasoned advisors can potentially be the secret weapon in streamlining financial processes and optimizing strategic decision-making while fostering confidence in leadership teams.

The vision of multi-location healthcare companies for improved productivity, increased efficiency, and higher profit margins can be realized by embracing advanced financial planning and budgeting solutions. Eliminating errors, enhancing productivity, driving business growth, and providing continuous advisory support leads to significant cost savings and efficiency, and grants CFOs and financial managers strategic foresight and leadership confidence.

Unlock efficiency and streamline your financial management with Centage's formula-free FP&A software. It might be just the stimulus your healthcare business needs to accelerate your journey towards improved financial health and business prosperity. Book a demo today.

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