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Partner Spotlight: G7 Tech Services

November 21, 2022
Formula-free FP&A

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G7 Tech Services aggregates data from across internal and external platforms into easy-to-understand, always-up-to-date dashboards for our clients to create instant reports and answer questions easily to support strategic decision making. We eliminate stupid tasks. Seriously.

Q&A with Odeta Pine, Founder & CEO

Where is your organization located and how many people do you employ?

We employ twenty amazing people across Texas and Latin America. Our home office is in New Braunfels, TX but we also have offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Mexico City, Mexico

How long have you been a Centage partner?

We’ve been partners for the past two years, but we’ve really put much more emphasis on the relationship over the past two months because of what we’ve seen coming from Centage!

What is your primary focus/specialty, and why?

We focus on business automation within the Finance, HR, Marketing & Sales, and IT departments in a company. Primarily because that’s where the greatest frustrations come from within an organization with inadequately set up tools that make the lives of those who use them harder instead of easier. At G7 Tech, we believe that life should be fun! Tech should be fun! So, our goal is to take the departments that deal with the most humdrum around their technology and free them up to have fun!

What industries are you focused on?

Oil & Gas, Energy, Sports & Entertainment, Media, Healthcare, Pharma, Manufacturing but overall, we have clients across many industries. Our Business Automation solutions are extremely customizable for any SMB organization across many different industries.

Who are your clients and how do they benefit from your service and/or product offerings?

We do a lot of work with larger organizations that are frustrated with trying to get their tools/software set-up themselves. As the founder of G7 Tech I have a lengthy background in technology and speak four languages which gives me a unique perspective when it comes to problem solving and ensuring that everyone understands what’s going on and what needs to happen to ensure everyone is happy. I personally spearhead planning the implementation for our clients, including setting up phases to address immediate needs, and long-term needs.

With that said, we also do work with smaller organizations that are frustrated with not having transparency into their financial data or struggling to keep up with demand and need to start automating some of their technology-based processes.

Who are some of your notable clients?

MLBN, NHLN, Zydus Pharmaceutical, American Refining Group, Nestle.

Tell us something interesting about your company that makes you different.

Our team encompasses both the US and Latin America. I immigrated from Albania to the US in 2006, became a US citizen and built the American Dream. I am not only living it for myself and my family but also sharing it with everyone around me. Clients, partners, employees, prospects, contractors etc. are all part of the diverse and unique G7 family. We love bringing those unique perspectives to problem solving and work closely as a team to ensure we’re crafting the right solution for each client’s specific situation!

Why do you partner with Centage?

It’s a phenomenal platform! It’s user friendly, it’s smart, and it’s easy-to-use and implement. And we love working with the Centage team because we’re able to create quick turnaround on projects and training. With Centage, customers are self-sufficient in a very short amount of time!

How does Planning Maestro help your customers?

We love how Planning Maestro gives our customers back time in their jobs and enables them to have more time for their personal lives as well. We all know that most finance and accounting departments are working weekends during the Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting cycles. Automating large portions of those cycles allows them to have a life even during the most intense time of the year.

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