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Most businesses use several platforms to manage their company's budget. The most common is through spreadsheets, but these methods can create errors and increase the amount of time your company spends inputting and comparing budgets across platforms. This is why we created our budget projection software, Planning Maestro®, with integration capabilities. With Planning Maestro®, build a driver-based budget model in days. Test multiple scenarios, generate accurate, automated forecasts, and enforce your chart of accounts.

Budgeting, Centage

With Planning Maestro®, our business budgeting software, Centage Corporation has helped thousands of customers confidently prepare for the future with intelligent financial forecasting and driver-based budgeting. Build flexible, driver-based plans, forecast likely financial performance, analyze results, and share critical information across the business.

Building a Driver-Based, Flexible Budget

CFOs are tasked with defining financial metrics as drivers of growth and putting initiatives in place for the whole company to focus on those metrics. Intelligent Planning with our affordable budgeting and forecasting software links corporate goals to operational activities, then tracks performance and progress, so you can course-correct when necessary.

  • Create and monitor driver-based plans, accommodating factors such as seasonal trends for realistic financial forecasts.
  • Identify the internal and external factors that affect the plan.
  • Financial scenario planning made easy — develop multiple planning scenarios and what-if scenarios to stress test on a regular occasion.
  • Assess the outcomes that may arise if a particular scenario occurs.
Financial Consolidation With Business Budget Management Software

Centage Corporation's business budgeting software streamlines the multi-step process of aggregating multiple business entities within an organization and prevents duplicating or overstating financial data.

  • Built-in financial consolidation process keeps you focused on results, no matter how many entities, locations, or products you may have.
  • Review results with and without adjustments.
  • Easily build and distribute consolidated GAAP-compliant financial reports.

Workforce Planning and Budgeting

Employees are often a company's most important — and costly — expense. Workforce planning and budgeting on a modern FP&A platform enable you to build a comprehensive and accurate workforce plan and assess upfront if you have the right skills and resources in place to meet your company's goals.

  • Input data from your CRM or HR platforms to create a more accurate and valuable workforce plan.
  • Our collaborative budgeting software for small businesses empowers you to easily track all workforce expenses — including salary-related expenses — for all employees in all periods.
  • Built-in logic tracks overtime, premium time, and shift differentials that conform to your work and pay cycles.
  • Easily incorporate caps on FICA and FUTA, delayed starts on benefits, and new hires starting mid-month.
Revenue Planning

The viability of every business hinges on a revenue stream driven by sales of products or services. Fully understanding the composition of sales and the performance of the sales team is essential to understanding the business and how to keep it growing.

  • See a complete picture of past sales performance and develop obtainable sales forecasts, rolling up all different revenue streams into a comprehensive company-wide view.
  • Create driver-based plans, where sales projections are based on the number of bookings, salespeople, number of stores, previous sales revenue, website visits, or other variables.
  • Accommodate seasonal trends, new store openings, and other factors to create realistic forecasts.
  • Simplify the revenue planning process and easily upload actual sales numbers to create rolling forecasts that include actual and forecast data.

This hospital used an Excel spreadsheet with 40 tabs. It was not reliable & the time it took to manage risked the need for additional staff.
This healthcare organization grew tired of too many budget updates with too little accuracy when managing multiple networks of providers.
As a nonprofit, this company's biggest asset was their cash. Learn how Planning Maestro helped them forecast their cash flow.
This software & technology company faced time consuming errors and redundancies that prevented them from focusing on strategic initiatives.

Try our SaaS Budgeting Software for an All-in-One Solution

Planning Maestro® is an all-in-one solution for budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and analytics. Using our modern FP&A solution will improve your insight into the health of your business, and our budgeting capabilities allow you to generate automated, accurate forecasts. 

Watch a demo of Planning Maestro® to see our cash flow budget software in action, and when you are ready to discuss how our solution can help you meet your business goals and needs, request a quote

Budgeting, Centage

Features and Capabilities of Our Budgeting Software

Planning Maestro is equipped with comprehensive features that support you by streamlining your budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting processes.

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Unlimited Dimensions for Budgets and Reports

Create detailed plans with various revenue streams based on key drivers. Track company performance alongside financial metrics and corporate goals to make corrections as needed and stay on track. Integrates with your general ledger and handle the technical side of the process — no programming or logic maintenance required.

Granular Personnel Budgeting & Allocations

Plan labor needs, incorporating overtime, premium, and shift differentials for accurate costing and headcount forecast. Improve agility, even when personnel resources are limited. Accurate budgets, paired with detailed workforce expenses, make it possible to identify changes as needed and continue to meet your organization's goals.

Scenario Planning

What-if scenarios allow you to change assumptions and immediately see the impact on your revenue, expenses, and cash flow. Create unlimited budgets based on different scenarios to keep up with inconsistencies. Reduce associated risks by assessing possible financial challenges before they occur.

Cash Flow Projections & Forecasts

Manage cash flow reporting, analysis, and allocation in real-time at the corporate and subsidiary levels. Create forecasts based on your balance sheets and connect to your actual earnings to make your overall financial planning more accurate.

Dashboards & Reports

Instantly create the reports your stakeholders want, your bank demands, and your company needs. Gain visibility across the whole organization and make data-driven decisions.

Rolling Forecasts

Regulate seasonality and unknowns through continuous forecasting. With all the unknowns — personnel, operational expenses, unexpected projects — keeping up with possible expenses and changes to your cash flow makes your organization more agile.

What were once after thoughts – capital consumption rate, cash flow forecasting – are now critital to your business's survival.

Download our white paper: “Making the Shift: Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times”, to learn how an insightful, strategic, and accurate cash flow budget will allow you to manage scarce resources effectively.

Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times

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