Financial Analytics

Planning Maestro works as a financial analytics software that promotes self-sufficiency for business users. Synchronized financial statements are built around important KPIs, so users can choose which KPIs they wish to monitor, and explore performance vs. plan on a monthly or even a weekly basis. Users can easily drilldown to the data set to answer the “how, why, what” questions behind departmental, product, region and company financial results.

Benefits of Planning Maestro for Financial


Financial Health Insights
Fully synchronized analytics data appears the way you need to see it in a streamlined, financial analytics dashboard. This allows you to understand the past, present and future, so you can initiate faster changes in response to actual and predicted results.
Analyze Business Finances
One of the great features of Planning Maestro is that it helps you budget, plan and forecast. However, it also allows you to look at historical data and analyze it to make changes so that you can manage your business smarter and better.
Cash Flow Forecasts
Planning Maestro makes the delivery of accurate cash flow projections easy. It shows much cash comes in, how it is spent, and what it is spent on. Understanding and tracking your cash flow needs ensures your business runs smoothly and warns you of needed adjustments.
Mitigate Financial Risk
Understanding why results occur and how they impact the future is absolutely essential for responding to opportunities and mitigating issues. Planning Maestro gives teams the financial analytics tools needed to investigate why variances occur to take action and avoid problems.
Scenario Planning Analysis
Planning Maestro is a cloud FP&A platform that enables your finance team to provide strategic recommendations, accurately report on progress and results, and propose action plans backed up by solid insights and data.​
Improve financial visibility with planning maestro by centage


Financial analytics software, like Planning Maestro, is more essential now than ever before, allowing your organization to explore the financial consequences of a variety of business strategies.

At Centage, we believe that FP&A experts, controllers, and CFOs are crucial to any business’s success. This belief is why we created the leading, cloud FP&A platform that equips your finance team with the tools needed to provide strategic recommendations to your executive team, accurately report on results and progress, and propose action plans that are backed up by solid insights and data.

We can show you a better method for planning, budgeting, reporting, and forecasting.

What Can Financial Analytics Software Do For You?

Improve visibility with better insight into the health of the business. Integrate data from multiple sources, making it easier to know what to do first and why.
Build budgets around personnel requirements, revenues, tax expenses, and more based on key drivers. Stay in touch with budgets over time to compare performance and make changes as necessary to continually meet your goals.
Reporting & Dashboarding
Gain a granular view of financial performance through user-friendly charts and graphs.
Analyze financial performance through comprehensive reports and connect with shareholders to instill confidence in your company's cash flow.
Workforce Planning
Track all workforce expenses such as overtime, shift differentials, and taxes to determine accurate pay cycles. Use data from your HR platforms to develop a workforce plan that addresses your company goals.
Keep departments and budget stakeholders connected to build a comprehensive financial plan.
Review simple, easy-to-digest views of business performance data that users across the organization can explore to take action in their business.
Scenario Planning
Prepare for possible changes to your cash flow and assess risks to make your company more agile amidst new projects, structural changes, and more.
Financial Analytics, Centage

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"Planning Maestro has a strong feature set while being easier for end users to work with, plus it’s reporting, and analytics capabilities are very powerful allowing for more custom reports.”
– Jim Hayes,
Project Lead, Echo Church

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