Financial Analytics

Planning Maestro works as a financial analytics software that promotes self-sufficiency for business users, especially for analytics. Synchronized financial statements are built around important KPIs, so users can choose which KPIs they wish to monitor, and explore performance vs. plan on a monthly or even a weekly basis. Users can easily drilldown to the data set to answer the “how, why, what” questions behind departmental, product, region and company financial performance.


Benefits of Planning Maestro as a Financial Analytics Software

Financial Analytics Dashboards Provide A Valuable Line of Sight into Financial Health

Because Planning Maestro’s analytics is not bound by time or a specific interval (as with reporting), fully synchronized data can be sliced and diced to appear the way you need to see it in a streamlined financial analytics dashboard. This helps you to better understand where you’re at, how you got there, and where you’re headed, so you can initiate faster changes in response to actual and predicted results. For example, you can easily drill down from a high-level summary cash flow statement – current or future looking –  to view the underlying components that make up cash from operations, investments  and financing, offering a full understanding of when, where, and how much cash will be available. 

Mitigate Financial Risk

In any business, knowing what happened is important – but understanding why results occur and how they impact the future is absolutely essential for responding to opportunities and mitigating issues. Planning Maestro gives finance teams and operational managers the financial analytics tools needed to drill down to the sources to investigate and understand why variances occur and take action to avoid problems. When you can see what’s ahead, you can plan for it.

Concerned About Scenario Planning?

Scenario planning is more critical than ever, allowing organizations to explore the financial consequences of alternative business strategies. Centage offers a rapid implementation package to turn around valuable scenarios for customers in approximately 2-3 days.


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