Personnel Planning

Planning workforce expenses at a level of granularity is difficult, if not impossible, with Excel. Personnel planning with Planning Maestro means you can control your expenses across different operational centers, shifts, and products. You can adjust payroll numbers for high turnover departments such as call centers, and even budget at an individual employee level to see the cash flow implications of each employee’s taxes and benefits.

Workforce Planning and Forecasting Tools Help to Control Your Biggest Expense

Planning Maestro goes beyond basic budgeting. It also helps you make critical workforce and corporate management decisions. 

Using Planning Maestro, you can:

  • Plan for salaries, hourly pay, and overtime.
  • Plan for employee and employer taxes.
  • Evaluate 401(k) contributions.
  • Calculate the cost of insurance, employee stock purchases, and other benefits.
  • Determine how much paid time off to offer employees.
Workforce planning with planning maestro by centage

What is Workforce Planning and Forecasting?

Workforce planning is the process of analyzing your company’s employment needs. It goes hand-in-hand with budgeting and managing your company’s finances. Payroll is among the largest expense businesses have, so finding ways to keep payroll costs manageable allows your company to work on its overall goals and pursue growth in other areas. Generally, workforce planning is a six-step process.
1. Determine Strategic Direction
Decide what your overall goals are and determine what type of workforce the company needs to achieve those goals.
2. Analyze Workforce Supply
Review your payroll costs and see how they align with your business budget. Also, consider the company-wide and departmental turnover rate.
3. Analyze Workforce Demand
Using your current data, consider how many employees you might need to hire going forward, based on turnover and increased need.
4. Identify Workforce Gaps
Identify gaps in your workforce supply when compared to your demand. You may discover that adjustments need made to plan for the future.
5. Create A Solution
Your solution might involve finding ways to increase your recruiting efforts or creating benefits and bonus packages that make your company stand out.
6. Monitor The Progress
Using Planning Maestro for your forecasting and managing needs will make implementing the solution and tracking the results simple.

Automated Expense Forecasts with planning maestro by centage


Automate Forecasts With Planning Maestro

Workforce planning is complex, with ever changing targets. And that complexity increases as your company grows and you add more headcount. Workforce budgeting with Planning Maestro’s built-in financial logic means you’ll easily include more detail in your workforce expense forecast, making it more accurate. Being short on cash without a plan isn’t good for any business. With a more detailed workforce budget, you’ll be able to track performance to plan accurately and identify instances when changes are necessary to meet your business goals.


Improve visibility with better insight into the health of the business. Integrate data from multiple sources, making it easier to know what to do first and why.
Build budgets around personnel requirements, revenues, tax expenses, and more based on key drivers. Stay in touch with budgets over time to compare performance and make changes as necessary to continually meet your goals.
Reporting & Dashboarding
Gain a granular view of financial performance through user-friendly charts and graphs.
Analyze financial performance through comprehensive reports and connect with shareholders to instill confidence in your company's cash flow.
Workforce Planning
Track all workforce expenses such as overtime, shift differentials, and taxes to determine accurate pay cycles. Use data from your HR platforms to develop a workforce plan that addresses your company goals.
Keep departments and budget stakeholders connected to build a comprehensive financial plan.
Review simple, easy-to-digest views of business performance data that users across the organization can explore to take action in their business.
Scenario Planning
Prepare for possible changes to your cash flow and assess risks to make your company more agile amidst new projects, structural changes, and more.

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