Synchronized Financial Statements

Imagine the value of spending less time reconciling and more time analyzing! With Planning Maestro’s automated and synchronized financial statements you’ll know, with confidence, that you’ll be able to execute the forecasted P&L, you’ll understand whether you will have sufficient cash to purchase inventory for the projected growth, you’ll see that you will have the cash to support the additional workforce in your forecast, and much more.


Accurate, Synchronized Forecasting

Intelligent Planning’s ability to forecast financial statements and automate forward-looking financial statements is transforming the world of FP&A and creating new opportunities for financial leaders and the businesses they support. By assessing how different scenarios and assumptions will impact the organization and knowing what funds are available at any point in time, finance teams can uncover new opportunities to accelerate growth and minimize risk.

But here’s the rub. While predicting cash is obviously important, an accurate Statement of Cash Flows depends first on an accurate Balance Sheet. Understand where the cash is coming from (and going to), and you can confidently budget for future activities and understand their impact on future financial health.

See Your Company’s Financial Health, Today and In the Future

In other words, accurate, synchronized forecasting of critical financial statements can deliver a direct line of sight into the future financial health of your company. Producing accurate and timely statements – and gaining immediately actionable insights from them – is critical for understanding what’s going on in the business and assessing the financial impact of corporate decisions.

This is the point of synchronized financial statements with Planning Maestro. Every forecasted activity that appears on the budgeted Income Statement, automatically appears the forecasted Balance Sheet and from there, automatically contributes to the creation of a forecasted Statement of Cash Flows.

Now you can spend less time reconciling and more time analyzing your financial statements!

Concerned About Scenario Planning?

Scenario planning is more critical than ever, allowing organizations to explore the financial consequences of alternative business strategies. Centage offers a rapid implementation package to turn around valuable scenarios for customers in approximately 2-3 days.


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