With Planning Maestro, forecast the impact of multiple scenarios. Quickly identify where, when and why actuals differ from plan, so you can take appropriate action.

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No matter which accounting, ERP, or spreadsheet tools you are currently using, Planning Maestro will deliver forecasting with a speed and accuracy unmatched by other solutions.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Intelligent planning lets you make intelligent contributions to the business – drawing useful insights from financial data and guiding the leadership team toward better decisions.

  • Generate precise, integrated, synchronized Statement of Cash Flows and Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, and other management reports without duplicating work or calculations.
  • Facilitate collaboration across all plan and budget owners to allow fast responses to actual results, while maintaining a centralized view of the overall plan.
  • Drill down from summary to detail level to understand risks, variances and opportunities, and initiate faster changes in response to actual and predicted results.
Cash Flow, Balance Sheet & P&L Forecasting

An intelligent planning solution operates as an extension of your GL and automatically generates accurate forward-looking Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements that are synchronized to actual results and the underlying budget.

  • See the effect of cash flow from any area of your operation – from sales to workforce, loans and capital asset plans.
  • Make a change to an Income Statement or Balance Sheet assumption and automatically see the impact through all your financials, including the Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Compare multiple forecasts based on actuals.
Rolling Forecasts

Predicting unforeseen trends and opportunities 12 or 18 months in advance is difficult in the best cases, and nearly impossible when the market or your industry is experiencing uncertainty or volatility. An Intelligent Platform streamlines the rolling forecast, letting you:

  • Gain a long-term view, with the ability to create rolling forecasts beyond 12 periods.

  • See changes in assumptions based on key business drivers or market conditions instantly, across the entire model.

  • Generate variance reports of budget, actual and reforecasted numbers.

Scenario Planning

All plans, to a certain extent, are based on assumptions. You gather input from each department head, set goals, lay out steps for achieving those goals, and estimate expenses. Scenario planning lets you test multiple assumptions and predict their impact on the financial statements.

  • Built-in compliance and automated workflows ensure that all inputs are processed according to the company’s unique business structure, to provide a forward-looking view of your G-L.

  • Test how sensitive is my plan to a specific variable, such as sales that are lower than expected, or if insurance rates go up, as well as the impact on your financial statements.

  • Accurately forecast impact of multiple variables and scenarios to make solid recommendations to the executive team.


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Scenario Planning
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