The Centage Guiding Principles are used as a framework to guide our organizational decisions – from who we hire to how we operate. Centered on our commitment to customer success, we have pledged to embrace them and live them – every day. These principles are what bond a great team, and this is what creates a great company.

Guiding Principles, Centage


The most important decisions we make will add value for our customers.

We treat every customer interaction as a learning experience, listening to fully understand their goals so we can help make them successful. We understand that our customers are people first, and we treat them with courtesy, empathy and respect.

Guiding Principles, Centage


Success starts with our people.

We provide an environment that encourages continuous improvement – creating opportunities to learn about our business, our industry, our roles, and our customers. We value promoting from within and we provide support for individual growth paths.

Guiding Principles, Centage


We are passionate about delivering our best work.

We prioritize quality, and understand that excellence is a team sport. We collaborate and seek input, and treat our successes and our disappointments as learning opportunities. We practice humility and know when to step away from an idea that is not producing the results we expected.

Guiding Principles, Centage


We welcome creative, effective and efficient solutions.

We invest thoughtfully in tools and resources that deliver the right solution for our needs. We recognize that technology changes quickly but also understand that new is not always better.

Guiding Principles, Centage


Growth thrives where positive teams and individuals flourish.

We bring a persistent optimism to work, knowing that together we’ll experience highs and lows but we can get through anything and keep improving. We welcome differing opinions and constructive feedback that leads to positive change for our people and the company.

Guiding Principles, Centage


We are personally accountable for our decisions and actions.

We understand that we own our results, whether success or failures. We endeavor to do what’s right, rather than what’s easy and we review constantly to learn from our outcomes.

Guiding Principles, Centage


We are never afraid of new ideas, and we strive to keep them flowing.

We welcome creative ideas and give every employee the opportunity to explore and present new solutions. We understand that better is a good first step, and we don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.

Guiding Principles, Centage


We recognize the worth and significance each of us brings to our community and company.

Centage holds all our employees, customers, partners, and vendors accountable to exhibiting inclusion across lines of race, religion, identity, and experience. We practice kindness toward all. This steadfast commitment to mutual respect drives us all forward together.