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BPM Partners Acknowledges Centage as "Specialist Vendor"

March 10, 2007
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Centage: A Specialist Vendor

NATICK, Mass., March 9, 2007 -- Centage Corporation, a leading provider of integrated budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), was one of five Business Performance Management (BPM) vendors recently named "Specialist Vendors" by BPM Partners."Many vendors targeting small to mid-sized companies with BPM solutions either offer limited functionality, are difficult to use, or are too costly," said BPM Partners CEO Craig Schiff. "Centage has a good understanding of the SMB user, offering an application that is scalable from a single user to a department of a larger organization. This makes for an offering that is attractive for a wide range of SMBs, allowing users to expand their implementation as needed without sacrificing required product functionality," said Schiff.BPM Partners' Specialist Vendor category includes vendors that aren't trying to provide the full suite of BPM functionality, but instead offer specific functionality for a niche market."Our Budget Maestro® software was designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses, not to be all things to all people. Thousands of licenses have been sold because Budget Maestro provides all the functionality the SMB user requires, at a highly competitive price and with little to no IT support required," said Jim Nauen, Centage vice president of sales and marketing.BPM Partners is the leading independent authority on BPM solutions. The company recognized Specialist Vendors in a recent audio-conference called "Beyond the Hype 2007," in which Schiff discussed BPM vendors and trends, and the latest satisfaction ratings from his company's BPM Pulse Survey.