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Planning Maestro is a strategic FP&A asset that redefines how business services organizations budget, forecast, analyze and report.

Whether making your first move away from spreadsheets or implementing corporate performance management, Planning Maestro will work for your organization. You’ll get an accurate of sight into your business, speed decision-making and continually deliver the financial intelligence your leadership needs to make faster, more confident decisions.

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At Centage, our next-level budgeting software, equipped with modern cloud computing technologies, is designed to improve integration, scale, automation, and performance. Our goal is to empower your distribution organization with powerful, user-friendly solutions that support your companies goals.

The business services category is broad and can include organizations that provide software and support, marketing and advertising, event planning, and waste management.

As a business services company, you are responsible for keeping other companies running and helping them streamline their own processes. Your organization might face challenges of its own and need support from a business services financial program and forecasting software.

Take a look at some of the challenges business services companies often face and consider how they have affected your own company:

Challenges Facing Business Services Organizations

How Planning Maestro Can Help

Increasingly Complicated Projects: As your organization becomes more established, the client projects you take on are likely to become more complex. There is a chance for scope creep, the term for when a simple project becomes more complicated. Modern FP&A software can help you keep track of your organization's various projects and adjust resources and expenses as needed.

Planning Maestro offers intelligent dashboards that let you see business performance data at a glance. You can use the information on the dashboard to manage projects and keep certain projects from becoming too complicated. Additionally, the dashboard can help you lay out a plan for future projects to minimize scope creep.

Planning Maestro lets you:
  • Evaluate revenue drivers such as number of days or hourly rates to forecast revenue.

  • Create scenarios for a variety of recognition schedules for different revenue streams.

  • Accurately project profitability and sustainability for future years.

Hiring the Right People: Your company's project load might ebb and flow over the year, meaning your need for personnel also ebbs and flows. If you have too many people on staff, you can end up paying employees to sit around. If you do not have enough, the team members you do have can become overworked and burned out.

Planning Maestro can help you calculate your personnel needs and allow you to hire the right people — and the right number of people — when you need them. It can also help you balance the budget to ensure you have enough funds to pay the salaries of new hires.

Planning Maestro lets you:

  • Analyze recruiting and training expenses to better understand their impact on profitability

  • Plan headcount in detail and use it as a driver for costs and revenue.

  • Manage and report on billable hours, paid hours, employee utilization, income per employee.

  • Allocate personnel and related expenses across projects, departments, or service offerings.

Falling Behind on Accounts Receivable: Much of your company's cash flow might depend on clients paying their invoices on time. When there is a delay in accounts receivable, or clients do not pay, your business's financials can be strained. You need software that a lets you set up different receivable schedules to visualize the effect on cash flow.

With Planning Maestro, you can set up payment schedules to create the best possible cash flow. The software also creates accounts receivable forecasts so you can plan for slower periods and ensure you have the funds saved to weather them.

Planning Maestro lets you:

  • Control accounts receivables by tracking payment schedules and cash flow impact.

  • Avoid surprises in slow economic periods by forecasting different accounts receivable schedules.

  • Create integrated P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements, and see the effects of sales on accounts receivable, deferred revenue, and cash flow.

Missing Workforce Expenses: Ensuring that you are tracking all expenses related to your workforce, such as billable hours, is crucial for your company's bottom line. Automating expense tracking increases your company's revenue and eliminates the need to manually track expenses.

Planning Maestro's reporting tools streamline the process of keeping track of workforce expenses. The software automates processes, saving your employees time and maximizing efficiency.

Planning Maestro lets you:
  • Examine cost-saving opportunities.

  • Report on key performance metrics to drive strategic planning.

  • Determine optimal gross margin levels and manage costs and pricing to meet your goals.

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No matter the size of your organization, predictive financial planning and forecasting is critical for ensuring that your organization is efficient and sustainable, and even more critical during times of uncertainty. Learn how business services organizations utilize Planning Maestro for a better, more strategic and accurate view of their business financial health and performance.

Business Services, Centage
Planning Maestro helps you build a driver-based budget model in days. Our scenario planning software allows you to test multiple scenarios, generate accurate, automated forecasts, and enforce your chart of accounts.
Improve visibility with better insight into the health of the business. Centage’s business budgeting software enables you to integrate data from multiple sources, making it easier to know what to do first and why.
Easily forecast the impact of multiple scenarios to quickly identify where, when and why actuals differ from plan, so you can take appropriate action.
Reporting & Analytics
Create analytics-based actionable reports and dashboards to provide greater visibility into business performance to stakeholders across the organization with our financial planning & analysis software.
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"The number of errors reduced immensely. When a line item needed to be changed previously by ten percent, it easily took a couple hours. Now it takes a couple minutes and its very simple for us to do.”
– Brian Laffey
, CFO, CompTIA
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Features and Capabilities of Our Budgeting Software

Planning Maestro is equipped with comprehensive features that support you by streamlining your budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting processes.

Unlimited Dimensions for Budgets and Reports
Create detailed plans with various revenue streams based on key drivers
Granular Personnel Budgeting & Allocations
Plan labor needs, incorporating overtime, premium, and shift differentials for accurate costing and headcount forecast
Scenario Planning
What-if scenarios allow you to change assumptions and immediately see the impact on your revenue, expenses, and cash flow
Cash Flow Projections & Forecasts
Manage cash flow reporting, analysis and allocation in real-time at the corporate and subsidiary levels
Dashboards & Reports
Instantly create the reports your stakeholders want, your bank demands, and your company needs
Rolling Forecasts
Regulate seasonality and unknowns through continuous forecasting

Plans and Pricing

Choose a plan designed around your company’s needs.

Ideal for small finance teams seeking to automate, simplify, and improve accuracy of their budgeting and forecasting processes.
Great for small and medium sized organizations seeking more collaborative, more frequent, and more powerful planning.
Perfect for organizations and larger teams with complex budgeting, forecasting, and planning use cases.

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