Planning Software for Energy & Utilities

Planning Maestro® is a strategic FP&A asset that redefines how Energy and Utility companies budget, forecast, analyze and report.

Whether making your first move away from spreadsheets or implementing corporate performance management, Planning Maestro will work for your organization. You’ll get an accurate line of sight into your business, speed decision-making and continually deliver the financial intelligence your leadership needs to make faster, more confident decisions.

With Planning Maestro, Centage has helped thousands of customers confidently prepare for the future with intelligent financial forecasting and budgeting. Build flexible, driver-based plans, forecast likely financial performance, analyze results, and share critical information across the business.


Easy-to-use what-if scenario capabilities allow you to change assumptions and immediately see the impact on your revenue, expenses, and cash flow. For example:

  • Do we have cash flow available to invest in new technology, add capacity, or expand to new markets?
  • If we cut costs, will we still be able to meet regulatory requirements and reduce environmental impact?


Improve operational efficiencies

  • Get a comprehensive overview of your organization’s performance with integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, analysis and consolidation
  • Efficiently manage revenues and costs in relevant units (i.e. tons, energy produced, BTU’s, mined coal) to immediately see their impact on your P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow
  • Evaluate revenue by customer type to identify efficiencies and increase profitability
  • Accurately forecast the impact of long-term asset depreciation/amortization on your Balance Sheet and P&L

Proactively control costs

  • Manage costs associated with capital expenditures and future projects
  • Understand the costs behind each employee (including salaries, taxes, fringe benefits, etc.) for more accurate operating cost projections

Capitalize on revenue planning

  • Apply drivers (i.e. cost, price, or usage) to explore ways to improve the bottom line

Generate reliable and consistent reporting

  • Create consolidated financial statements for various divisions, incorporating finance, engineering, and operational assumptions
  • Measure current and past performance against industry metrics such as usage rates
  • Improve decision-making via reports on key metrics such as usage and rates, quantity and price fluctuations, capital expenditure projections, and headcount

Conduct frequent forecasting and reforecasting

  • Utilize lagging and/or leading indicators to help predict future performance (e.g. average revenue per kWh and/or forecasted customer rate schedules)
  • Meet goals with continuous measurement of plan vs. actual variance forecasts measuring dollars, quantity, and other key performance indicators (KPIs)

Predict and monitor cash flow

  • Measure cash flow continuously to assure readiness for new technology investments
  • Manage costs better, eliminate excessive financing, and meet all credit obligations associated with ongoing capital expenditures and future projects

Planning Maestro makes intelligent financial planning and analytics available to organizations across the energy and utility sectors. Whether you are looking for a solution to help drive efficiencies, reduce costs, or boost performance, Planning Maestro will work for your organization.

Accurate insight into your organization
More granular control of project and program budgets
Faster, more confident decisions

Unlimited Dimensions for Budgets and Reports
Create detailed plans with various revenue streams based on key drivers
Granular Personnel Budgeting & Allocations
Plan labor needs, incorporating overtime, premium, and shift differentials for accurate costing and headcount forecast
Scenario Planning
What-if scenarios allow you to change assumptions and immediately see the impact on your revenue, expenses, and cash flow
Cash Flow Projections & Forecasts
Manage cash flow reporting, analysis and allocation in real-time at the corporate and subsidiary levels
Dashboards & Reports
Instantly create the reports your stakeholders want, your bank demands, and your company needs
Rolling Forecasts
Regulate seasonality and unknowns through continuous forecasting
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