Budgeting Software for Nonprofits

As part of a nonprofit organization, you understand the importance of financial planning and management. In addition to keeping track of donor contributions, you also need technologies to serve your financial planning requirements. Budgeting software for nonprofit organizations enables you to take advantage of reporting automation and financial forecasting solutions, gain valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions geared toward furthering your mission.

Empower Your Nonprofit with Centage

At Centage, our next-level budgeting software, equipped with modern cloud computing technologies, is designed to improve integration, scale, automation, and performance. Our goal is to empower your nonprofit organization with powerful, user-friendly solutions that support your team's mission.

Financial Planning Challenges for Nonprofits

How Planning Maestro Can Help

A lack of accessibility: Nonprofits often lack the resources necessary to address their financial planning needs

Connectivity: Integrate Planning Maestro with your ERP software, to monitor and analyze your organization’s budget and actuals without hours spent on formulas. 

Unclear justification: Nonprofits need assurances and clarity for every decision made and simple budgeting tools can’t clearly project expenses with confidence and are difficult to manipulate

Agility: Planning Maestro is simple and easy to use with seamless implementation. When funding outcomes change or delayed grants arise, Planning Maestro helps you make actionable financial adjustments.

Collaboration: Collaborate with operational stakeholders to see the impact of strategic decisions and changing assumptions, while centralized budgets, forecasts, and reports remain accurate and up-to-date for the executive team. Given the broad scope requirements in the nonprofit sector, this collaboration is valuable for addressing all funding sources and generating accurate numbers. 

Technical complexity: Nonprofits need comprehensive solutions with simple usage and upkeep requirements and comprehensive FP&A software demand more technical expertise than many nonprofits have on hand.

Automation: Automate routine tasks, such as fund, revenue, grant, and billing processes, reducing responsibilities for your financial professionals and other members of your team. Automation also offers technical simplicity for organizations that lack an internal IT department. 

Cash flow uncertainty: With a revenue cycle that is often inconsistent, nonprofits need reliable and accurate cash flow projections that can keep up with constant change. 

Visibility: Integrate and normalize data from various sources, improving data accuracy and financial health insights. Complete visibility provides the assurance and clarity that nonprofits need to make budget changes and spend with confidence. 


Planning Maestro® Budgeting Software

Make nonprofit budgeting and planning easier. No matter the size of your nonprofit, your financial plan is the most important tool for ensuring that your organization is efficient, sustainable, and poised for both short and long-term success. Planning Maestro is a perfect financial planning software for nonprofits, having helped hundreds of nonprofit customers to plan, save time, and succeed in simplifying their financial processes with our modern financial planning and analysis (FP&A) platform.

Planning Maestro makes financial planning and analytics available to nonprofit organizations across industry sectors. Whether you are looking for a solution to help drive efficiency, reduce costs, or boost performance, Planning Maestro will work for your organization. You’ll get:

  • Accurate insight into your organization
  • More granular control of project and program budgets
  • Faster, more confident decisions

This hospital used an Excel spreadsheet with 40 tabs. It was not reliable & the time it took to manage risked the need for additional staff.
This healthcare organization grew tired of too many budget updates with too little accuracy when managing multiple networks of providers.
As a nonprofit, this company's biggest asset was their cash. Learn how Planning Maestro helped them forecast their cash flow.
This software & technology company faced time consuming errors and redundancies that prevented them from focusing on strategic initiatives.

Nonprofit Industry Demo

No matter the size of your nonprofit, predictive financial planning and forecasting is critical for ensuring that your organization is efficient and sustainable, and even more critical during times of uncertainty. Learn how nonprofits utilize Planning Maestro for a better, more strategic and accurate view of their business financial health and performance.

Nonprofit, Centage
Planning Maestro helps you build a driver-based budget model in days. Our scenario planning software allows you to test multiple scenarios, generate accurate, automated forecasts, and enforce your chart of accounts.
Improve visibility with better insight into the health of the business. Centage’s business budgeting software enables you to integrate data from multiple sources, making it easier to know what to do first and why.
Easily forecast the impact of multiple scenarios to quickly identify where, when and why actuals differ from plan, so you can take appropriate action.
Reporting & Analytics
Create analytics-based actionable reports and dashboards to provide greater visibility into business performance to stakeholders across the organization with our financial planning & analysis software.
Nonprofit, Centage

Trusted By More Than 10,000 Users

"Planning Maestro has a strong feature set while being easier for end users to work with, plus it’s reporting, and analytics capabilities are very powerful allowing for more custom reports.”
– Jim Hayes,
Project Lead, Echo Church

Features and Capabilities of Our Budgeting Software for Nonprofit Organizations

Planning Maestro is equipped with comprehensive features that support you by streamlining your budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting processes.

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Unlimited Dimensions for Budgets and Reports

Create detailed plans with various revenue streams based on key drivers. Track company performance alongside financial metrics and corporate goals to make corrections as needed and stay on track. Integrates with your general ledger and handles the technical side of the process — no programming or logic maintenance required.

Granular Personnel Budgeting & Allocations

Plan labor needs, incorporating overtime, premium, and shift differentials for accurate costing and headcount forecast. Improve agility in the nonprofit space, even when personnel resources are limited. Accurate budgets, paired with detailed workforce expenses, make it possible to identify changes as needed and continue to meet your organization's goals.

Scenario Planning

What-if scenarios allow you to change assumptions and immediately see the impact on your revenue, expenses, and cash flow. Create unlimited budgets based on different scenarios to keep up with inconsistencies in nonprofit funding. Reduce associated risks by assessing possible financial challenges before they occur.

Cash Flow Projections & Forecasts

Manage cash flow reporting, analysis, and allocation in real-time at the corporate and subsidiary levels. Create forecasts based on your balance sheets, which is especially helpful in the nonprofit space where expected funds may be delayed, connecting to your actual earnings can make your overall financial planning more accurate.

Dashboards & Reports

Instantly create the reports your stakeholders want, your bank demands, and your company needs. Share organization performance with donors and government programs to strengthen relationships and maintain higher consistency in your cash flow.

Rolling Forecasts

Regulate seasonality and unknowns through continuous forecasting. With all the unknowns in nonprofit work — personnel, donor funding, operational expenses, unexpected projects — keeping up with possible expenses and changes to your cash flow makes your organization more agile.

The shift from boom growth to capital efficiency has already begun . . . Make sure your company is prepared.

Download our white paper: “Making the Shift: Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times”, to learn how an insightful, strategic, and accurate cash flow budget will allow you to manage scarce resources effectively. 

Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times

Plans and Pricing

Choose a plan designed around your nonprofit’s needs.

Ideal for small finance teams seeking to automate, simplify, and improve accuracy of their budgeting and forecasting processes.
Great for small and medium sized organizations seeking more collaborative, more frequent, and more powerful planning.
Perfect for organizations and larger teams with complex budgeting, forecasting, and planning use cases.

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Nonprofit, Centage
Nonprofit, Centage

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