Improve visibility with better insight into the health of the business. Integrate data from multiple sources, making it easier to know what to do first and why.

Planning, Centage

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Planning, Centage
Collaborative Enterprise Financial Planning

Intelligent Planning involves contributors and stakeholders across the organization. Our business financial planning software enables operational managers to see the impact of strategic decisions and changing assumptions, while centralized budgets, forecasts and reports remain accurate and up-to-date for the executive team.

  • Role-based security protects sensitive data by ensuring that all contributors only see data that’s relevant to them, and dictates what functionality is allowed by user (i.e., read vs. write).
  • Increase visibility and add context for users through shared comments, assumptions, and audit trail capabilities.
  • Financial-integrity safeguards impose necessary rigor, so that data entered by each contributor is automatically tied to the correct outputs.
  • Self-serve reporting allows any user to review operational performance data and forecasts.
Improving Visibility

Intelligent Planning provides a direct line of sight into the health of the business, allowing business managers to identify and react to trends immediately.

  • Instantly compare actuals to plan to keep a close tab on performance.
  • Drill down to find the story behind the numbers.
  • Use the data to make better decisions faster.
Formula-Free Financial Intelligence

Spreadsheet-based planning found in other corporate financial planning software is unwieldy, prone to errors and inconsistencies, and makes it difficult to arrive at answers. With Intelligent Planning, pre-programmed logic and built-in financial intelligence means you can build a driver-based budget model in days and automate routine tasks, ensure accuracy, and free up the team to focus on more meaningful and value-added work

  • Automated workflows ensure that all information and transactional data flow through the financial statements according to the way your business works and follows US GAAP accounting rules.
  • Financial scenario planning is streamlined, allowing you to generate accurate future-looking financial statements.
  • Data-driven plans means you can trust your numbers when making decisions.
Connecting to GL, ERP, CRM and Other Relevant Data Sources

Connect data sources easily with our business financial planning software. automate the secure exchange of transaction data to enable ongoing actuals vs. budget comparisons and accurate forecasts, while eliminating the potential for data entry errors and duplicated information.

  • Transfer data from your accounting/ERP software, including chart of accounts, trial balance data, and existing budgets in the GL.
  • Compare actuals to budget without cutting and pasting.
  • Eliminate data entry errors caused by manual data transfers.

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