Why Planning Maestro?

Planning Maestro satisfies all your planning and budgeting needs. Planning Maestro lets you automate many of the time-consuming and error-prone tasks associated with using spreadsheets, helping you generate more accurate, driver-based business budgets and financial forecasts. Intuitive, built-in modeling capabilities handle everything from workforce planning to expense detail, revenue recognition, and capital assets.

Benefits of our Planning and Budgeting Software

Get up and running in days

Centage’s budgeting and planning software guides you through loading the essential data that describes your business—all based on real language prompts, wizards, preformatted templates, and menus. No programming or formulas are necessary.

Integrate with your general ledger

Planning Maestro integrates with your GL, enabling financial information to be securely exchanged for faster budget creation, ongoing actuals vs. budget comparisons, and accurate forecasts. Direct integration eliminates the potential for data entry errors and duplicated information and lets you enforce your chart of accounts.

Deliver accurate plans and financial forecasts

Planning Maestro’s automated intelligence and business rules, based upon your assumptions and workflow, helps ensure continuous accuracy. Working from a centralized database eliminates data disparities and any changes to estimates or assumptions are automatically updated, so you are always working with a single version of truth.

Automatically generate balance sheet and cash flow statements

Planning Maestro synchronizes accurate, forward-looking Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements to your actuals and your underlying budget. Easily drill down into the data to understand risks, variances, and opportunities, and initiate faster changes in response to actual and predicted results.

Explore Planning Maestro’s powerful capabilities