How Planning Maestro helps you

Sharpen your forecasting vision

Forecast the impact of multiple potential scenarios quickly and easily. Planning Maestro’s built-in financial logic lets you test numerous assumptions and see how they will impact your financial statements. Discover when, where, and why actuals differ from plan so you can take action to improve financial outcomes.

Make data-driven decisions

Planning Maestro empowers you to make informed decisions to achieve your goals by gathering actionable insights from financial data. Generate precise, integrated, and synchronized cash flow, balance sheet, and P&L statements without duplicating work or calculations. Drill down from summary to detailed data to understand risks, opportunities, and variances.

Cash flow, balance sheet, and P&L forecasting

Planning Maestro operates as an extension of your general ledger, automatically generating accurate, forward-looking balance sheet and cash flow information synchronized with actual results and your budget. See the effect of cash flow from any area of your operation. Make a change to an assumption and automatically see the impact throughout all your financials.

Generate accurate rolling forecasts

Run forecasts throughout the year using Planning Maestro’s built-in capability and connected financial statements. It streamlines 12- or 18-month rolling forecasts and creates variance reports based on this information. Get the updated insight needed to course correct in response to changing business conditions, quickly and easily.

Transform the way you forecast

Improve budgeting accuracy, set realistic goals, and detect and correct problems early.

Making the Shift:

Learn why cash flow insights matter more during a recession.

Frequently Asked Questions

With connected and accurate forecasting, your business can be prepared for both the highs and the lows in your business. In addition, financial forecasting allows your business to:

  • Create an accurate budget
  • Set realistic business goals
  • Detect and correct problems
  • Grow and scale investments

Forecasting and budgeting work in tandem – you need a forecast to create a realistic budget. Often, putting together a forecast is the first step in the budgeting process. You can use the valuable information in your forecast to make decisions regarding your company’s future spending and expenses and, therefore, be prepared for constant change.

Excel spreadsheets used to be the go-to tool for tracking and predicting business cycles. Today, finance professionals demand more reliable and accurate forecasting tools to provide real-time insights and trends.

The right forecasting tool should have features that you can customize according to your specific business requirements, scalability to help take your business to the next level, and robust security to protect your company’s most sensitive data.

In order to get your company’s CEO onboard with forecasting software, you will need to support your business case by highlighting the tangible benefits of moving to a modern FP&A solution:

  • Save time: shorten planning and budgeting cycles
  • Improve accuracy: eliminate broken links or formula errors
  • Increase accountability: enable and encourage collaboration
  • Provide more flexibility: quickly generate unlimited budget & forecast versions
  • Enhance security: eliminate version control issues
  • Increase visibility: GL and ERP integration to easily compare budget to actuals