How Planning Maestro helps you

Consolidation made easy

Planning Maestro’s intuitive automation streamlines the multi-step process of aggregating multiple business entities, preventing duplicating or overstating financial data. Review results with and without adjustments. Stay focused on results no matter how many entities, locations, or products you have.

Simplify complexity

Planning Maestro simplifies the process of bringing actuals together by automating repeatable tasks. Streamline the consolidation of entities with multiple currencies, intercompany transactions, complex allocation schemes, journal entry adjustments, minority interest, percent of ownership, inter-company eliminations, and more.

Generate reports quickly

Build and distribute consolidated, GAAP-compliant financial reports quickly and easily. Planning Maestro automates repetitive tasks to deliver accurate, actionable reports while reducing the burden on your staff.

Automatic data synchronization

Your consolidated financials are always up to date, without repetitive manual data entry. Planning Maestro automatically reflects changes in any line item across your financial reports. Save time and avoid errors.

Consolidation made easy

Decentralized accounting, inter-entity transactions, and dealing with multiple currencies means finance teams are often mired in the manual creation of reports. Discover how Planning Maestro makes financial consolidation quick, easy, and accurate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial consolidation and close is when businesses combine financial data from departments or entities across the business for reporting purposes.

Proper and accurate financial consolidation software is important because it gives your business leaders and stakeholders a single source of truth to your company’s overall health – in addition to being required by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  But, proper consolidation takes a lot of time and can be a very manual – and even error-prone – process without the help of corporate performance management software like Planning Maestro.

Planning Maestro has 100% synchronized financial statements – only enter your income and expenses once and automatically have it flow through all relevant financial statements, including your balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow. This results in less data entry, human error, and reconciling so that your team can spend more time analyzing.

Companies use a variety of processes for financial consolidation – including Excel spreadsheets, corporate performance software, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Spreadsheets can cause many issues with consolidation, and experts advise against using this method because it does not facilitate collaboration and can lead to a large number of errors. Software like Planning Maestro dramatically simplifies the process of financial consolidation. It frees finance teams to focus more time on strategic planning, confident in the accuracy of their consolidated budgets.