Your cash flow statement is the barometer by which management, lenders and investors measure the strength of your business.

Your ability to produce accurate and timely statements – and to perform analysis based on those accurate and up-to-date reports – is critical for assessing both the current health of your organization and making key business decisions.

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Learn about your choices for improving cash flow management, reporting, analysis and planning, and how better cash flow capabilities will help you weather the sluggish economy and, ultimately, outperform your competition.


With less cash to count on, knowing your cash flow position has never been more important. Learn about the most important elements of cash flow forecasting.


Learn how Wakeland leverages Planning Maestro to manage it’s finances and plan for the future.


See how Centage’s FP&A software automatically adjusts projected revenues, expenses, and your anticipated bottom line, based on incoming actuals.


Why businesses are choosing other options over Excel Spreadsheets for financial forecasting.


Learn why the ability to automate forward-looking financial statements is transforming the world of FP&A and creating new opportunities for financial leaders and the businesses they support.