A modern approach to FP&A

Planning Maestro is a modern cloud solution for managing every aspect of budgeting, forecasting, and data analysis, offering a unique set of advantages.

Power without complexity

Formula-free design makes it easy to create sophisticated models and perform meaningful analytics. Realize value quickly and keep pace with growing demands, without expanding your team.

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Faster budget and reporting cycles

Cut budget cycles in half with intuitive automation. Perform routine tasks faster and generate reports in minutes. Provide rolling forecasts to improve and accelerate critical decisions, without increasing the burden on your staff.

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Assured accuracy and compliance

Eliminate redundant data entry and ensure accuracy—enter data once and it automatically populates across all related records. Built-in accounting logic automatically enforces compliance with GAAP and IFRS standards.

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Sharper forward vision

Planning Maestro provides a single source of truth and a holistic picture of your current and future financial situation. Flexible analytics and visualizations help you identify and present opportunities and risks on the horizon to your leadership team.

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Seamless, synchronized connectivity

Automatically integrate Planning Maestro with your general ledger to automate secure data exchange. Because driver-based budgets are managed at the activity level, all GL transactions are automatically posted to the budget and accurately accounted for across your financial reports.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your process should always start with planning. Your short- and long-term budgeting and forecasting goals depend on an accurate and detailed planning process. Meanwhile, budgeting accounts for the money you need for each goal, and forecasting allows your business to adjust when business needs change. In other words, your plan is the foundation, your budget is the actual snapshot, and your forecast is the financial future of your business.

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software allows your business to make more informed business decisions rooted in facts and data. In addition, you gain access to cohesive reports, valuable real-time insights, and realistic what-if scenario planning. In other words, it’s your story told by your actual numbers.

Most small to midsize businesses continue to rely on Excel for their budgeting and forecasting processes. There are some major limitations associated with spreadsheet financials, and as your organization grows and complexity increases, so should your financial systems. Excel is the backbone for so many organizations, but it was never intended to be a database.

FP&A software solutions, like Planning Maestro, offer a cloud platform for budgeting, planning, forecasting, and analytics meant to scale with your business and your data.

Planning Maestro delivers a level of sophisticated budgeting, forecasting, and data analysis typically only enjoyed by large enterprises, at a price point that makes it accessible for small and medium-sized businesses.

Alternatives to Planning Maestro typically are limited to an Excel add-ons, or do not synchronize with the rest of your data, leaving your finance team to function in a silo.