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With the right business budgeting software for corporate financial planning, you can experience accurate forecasting, data-driven insights, detailed reports, and improved performance like never before. 

Our cutting-edge business budgeting software is designed to help you make significant contributions to your organization's success. Centage's financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solutions are comprised of modern technologies and cloud computing advancements optimized for scale, automation, integration, and performance.

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What Is Planning Maestro?

We understand the many challenges of financial planning, such as disconnected processes, lack of business insights, time-consuming manual tasks, and inaccurate budgeting. Planning Maestro, a modern cloud FP&A solution, offers a better way for businesses to budget, plan, forecast, and report financial performance.

With Planning Maestro, you can make informed business decisions faster and more confidently through streamlined financial planning. This platform is equipped with built-in logic and financial automation, allowing users to take risks, test the impact of various scenarios, and react appropriately to market changes.

Benefits of Planning Maestro

Regularly monitor and modify your financial plan by connecting virtually to any data source to gain a single location for accurate information.
Enable excellent stakeholder collaboration by letting you test assumptions and generate predictions with logical, data-based suggestions.
Automate corporate financial planning daily tasks using financial intelligence to save time and reduce manual data input discrepancies.
Analyze your budget and actuals with ease by automatically integrating our software with your general ledger.
This hospital used an Excel spreadsheet with 40 tabs. It was not reliable & the time it took to manage risked the need for additional staff.
This healthcare organization grew tired of too many budget updates with too little accuracy when managing multiple networks of providers.
As a nonprofit, this company's biggest asset was their cash. Learn how Planning Maestro helped them forecast their cash flow.
This software & technology company faced time consuming errors and redundancies that prevented them from focusing on strategic initiatives.

Features of Our Financial Planning and Analysis Software

Our business budgeting software comes with numerous features you can use to optimize your business’s financial planning and analysis and minimize the challenges of these processes.


Improve your financial strategies with business financial planning features through Planning Maestro:

  • Collaborative corporate planning: Test the impact of strategic decisions and assumptions across your organization without affecting budget, reporting, or forecasting accuracy.
  • Visibility improvement: Our solution gives you a clear and accurate view of your company’s financial wellness, enabling you to identify relevant trends and react accordingly.
  • Financial automation: Planning Maestro lets you automate workflows and generate a driver-based budget model using built-in logic and financial intelligence.
  • Data source connection: Exchange data automatically to gain financial forecasts, ongoing actuals, and budget comparisons while eliminating the risk of errors and duplication.

financial planning software with planning maestro by centage
Improve financial visibility with planning maestro by centage


Planning Maestro allows users to prepare for their financial futures with its cutting-edge business budgeting capabilities:

  • Driver-based budget building: Our budgeting software connects operational activities and business goals and tracks performance so you can adjust as needed.
  • Collaborative budgeting: Working with budget administrators and contributors is seamless with our software that enables real-time access, collaboration and visibility.
  • Workforce planning and budgeting: Evaluate your company’s ability to meet its goals by creating a detailed workforce plan and assessing your resources and skills.
  • Revenue planning: Use accurate sales forecasts and driver-based plans to determine how to facilitate business growth.


With our financial forecasting software, users can test and predict the impact of various scenarios and evaluate actuals to gain insights into your financial plan using the following features:

  • Data-driven decisions: Draw useful insights from your financial data to facilitate more informed decision-making.
  • Balance sheet and cash flow statements: Automatically generate cash flow and balance sheet statements and synchronize them with your budget and actuals.
  • Rolling forecasts: Our software streamlines rolling forecasts for 12 or 18 months and creates variance reports based on this information.
  • Scenario planning: You can test numerous assumptions and see how they will impact your financial statements through scenario forecasting.

Financial intelligence with planning maestro by centage
Integrate your financial data with your ERP with planning maestro by centage

Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting and analytics tools generate actionable reports and dashboards based on accurate data analytics:

  • Dashboards: This program uses data from various financial systems, normalizes it, and produces detailed reports and dashboards for better decision-making.
  • Management reporting: Visualize, analyze, and present information based on your preferences with our reporting software and use analytics tools to evaluate corporate performance.
  • Self-serve analytics: Stakeholders can monitor performance and compare financial plans while using predefined filters to generate reports.
  • Report data: Our solution allows companies to discover variances by displacing data in various formats.
  • Variance reporting: You can better understand variances by creating variance reports, comparing forecasts, and facilitating collaboration across budget owners.

The shift from boom growth to capital efficiency has already begun . . . Make sure your company is prepared.

Download our white paper: “Making the Shift: Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times”, to learn how an insightful, strategic, and accurate cash flow budget will allow you to manage scarce resources effectively. 

Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times
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