With Planning Maestro financial reporting and analytics is made easy. Quickly put analytics-based actionable reports and dashboards at every stakeholder’s fingertips.

Reporting & Analytics, Centage

With Planning Maestro, Centage has helped thousands of customers confidently prepare for the future with intelligent financial forecasting and budgeting. Build flexible, driver-based plans, forecast likely financial performance, analyze results, and share critical information across the business.

Financial Performance Dashboards

Intelligent Planning platforms deliver timely and robust data in visually meaningful reports and dashboards, which enables business managers to make better decisions, faster. Our financial reporting and analytics tool pulls data from various systems, including CRM, payroll, ERP, GL, this data is then normalized and layered to offer nuanced views of the business and all of its moving parts.

  • Organize and display data in multiple ways so that issues are immediately apparent.
  • Drill down to the sources to understand why variances occur.
  • Generate operational reports, e.g. use CRM data to display revenue by product, sales reports by product, by region, salesperson, customer type or other metrics important to the organization.
Management Reporting

Intelligent Planning makes financial reports quick and easy to build. Anyone with access to the financial reporting software can analyze, visualize and present information in any way they’d like. KPI analysis, data visualization, and slice-and-dice analytics enables a direct line of sight into corporate performance – from both high-level and granular viewpoint.

  • Track pre-defined financial and non-financial drivers to see at-a-glance what’s going on across the business. Focus on what matters and respond faster to risks and opportunities.
  • Business users can build and format presentation-style reports, adding graphs, charts and other visualization to make the report easy to consume.
  • Drill-down to underlying transaction detail data, trend analysis, filters and multi-dimensional hierarchies.
  • Distribute financial reports automatically. Simply select which reports go to whom and automatically deliver those reports with only the information that is relevant to them.
Self-Serve Analytics

Intelligent Planning promotes self-sufficiency for business users, especially for financial reporting and analytics. Every Controller and Financial Analyst would like to create reports once – with financial rigor firmly in place to ensure integrity – and then hand over the reins to the VP of Finance or CFO.

  • CFO and other stakeholders can easily monitor performance vs. plan, cash flow, or P&L on a monthly or even a weekly basis.
  • Monitor and review actual results against plan, for the overall business and by department
  • Select from predefined parameters to filter existing views for deeper information and insights.
  • Our financial reporting and analytics tool enables other executives to perform queries and generate reports independently, without help from Finance or IT.
Drilling Down into Report Data

Knowing what happened is important – but understanding why results occur is absolutely essential for responding to opportunities and mitigating issues. Managers need the ability to drill down to the sources to understand why variances occur. In many cases, it’s the business managers who need to do the investigating, not the financial team.

  • Individual users choose which KPIs they wish to monitor.
  • Dashboards in the financial reporting tool allow users to organize and display data in multiple ways so that issues are immediately apparent.
  • Analytics engines allow users to drilldown to the data set to understand why things happen as they do.
Variance Reporting

In an ideal world, business planners compare actuals to plan, course correct and reforecast on a monthly basis so that they can assess if their course corrections are delivering desired results. At its best, forecasting is an iterative process that helps business planners keep a tight watch on the health of the company. Intelligent Planning makes it easy to:

  • Quickly generate budget  variance analysis reports of budget, actual and reforecasted numbers.
  • Drill down from summary to detail level to understand why variances occurred.
  • Compare multiple forecasts based on actuals.
  • Facilitate collaboration across all budget owners to allow fast responses to actual results, while maintaining a centralized view of the overall plan.

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