Planning Maestro® streamlines and simplifies financial planning and budgeting for nonprofit organizations


Manage all of your budgeting, financial planning, and forecasting with a single, modern cloud software solution seamlessly integrated with your general ledger. No more trying to manage and reconcile multiple spreadsheets for different projects or initiatives.


Easily accommodate the unique aspects of your organization. Do you need to budget deferred revenue for services? Do you budget payroll by individual? Do you need to allocate expenses or funding by project? Do investors require frequent reports? Planning Maestro has you covered, conforming to the way you work.


Sporadic funding cycles can add complexity to planning for nonprofits. By providing an accurate, holistic view of your finances with a single source of truth, Planning Maestro gives you the visibility needed to plan throughout the year to be successful. Continually deliver the financial intelligence your leadership needs to make critical decisions, while keeping investors well informed.


Accelerate your budgeting cycles and minimize the risk of data errors with Planning Maestro’s intuitive automation. Free up Finance staff from repetitive, manual tasks so they can focus on strategic planning to lead your organization’s growth and success.

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No matter the size of your nonprofit, predictive financial planning and forecasting is critical for ensuring that your organization is efficient and sustainable, and even more critical during times of uncertainty. Learn how nonprofits utilize Planning Maestro for a better, more strategic and accurate view of their business’ financial health and performance.

Planning Maestro® budgeting software

No matter the size of your nonprofit, your financial plan is the most important tool for ensuring that your organization is efficient, sustainable, and poised for both short- and long-term success. Planning Maestro is a perfect financial planning software for nonprofits, having helped hundreds of nonprofit customers to plan, save time, and succeed in simplifying their financial processes with our modern financial planning and analysis (FP&A) platform.

Our next-level budgeting software, equipped with modern cloud computing technologies, is designed to improve integration, scale, automation, and performance. Our goal is to empower your nonprofit organization with powerful, user-friendly solutions that support your team’s mission.

Mountain View Hospital previously used Excel for their budgeting processes, which included a spreadsheet with more than 40 tabs. It lacked the reliability that they needed, took up too much time, and demanded the support of too many staff members.

Planning Maestro streamlined their data entry and simplified scenario planning and reporting to save time and provide more value to decision makers.

HASCO has very complex sources of revenue, including from multiple government agencies that require different allocations and tracking. Having previously managed all this in Excel, their budgeting and planning became unwieldy.

Discover how they achieved detailed reporting and streamlined budgeting and planning.

Equitas Health has over 500 employees across 21 offices and 25 different locations — but they still depended on Excel for budgeting and planning. This caused lots of errors, revisions, version tracking issues, and many other challenges.

With Planning Maestro and simplified budgeting, they achieved more accurate personnel planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning Maestro is a perfect financial planning software for nonprofits, having helped hundreds of nonprofit customers to plan, save time, and succeed in simplifying their financial processes with our modern financial planning and analysis (FP&A) platform.

It also offers connectivity by integrating with your general ledger to monitor and analyze your organization’s budget and actuals–avoiding hours spent on formulas and giving your team more bandwidth to tackle other, more important initiatives.

Nonprofits need assurances and clarity for every decision made, yet simple budgeting tools can’t clearly project expenses with confidence and are difficult to manipulate.

Planning Maestro has helped hundreds of nonprofits gain back the visibility their stakeholders demand:

  • Agility: Planning Maestro is easy to use with seamless implementation. When funding outcomes change or grants are delayed, Planning Maestro helps you make actionable financial adjustments.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with operational stakeholders to see the impact of strategic decisions and changing assumptions, while centralized budgets, forecasts, and reports remain accurate and up-to-date for the executive team. Given the broad scope requirements in the nonprofit sector, this collaboration is valuable for addressing all funding sources and generating accurate numbers.

Nonprofits need comprehensive solutions that are easy to use and maintain, but many comprehensive FP&A software solutions demand more technical expertise than many nonprofits have on hand.

Planning Maestro can automate routine tasks, such as fund, revenue, grant, and billing processes, reducing responsibilities for your financial professionals and other members of your team. Automation also offers technical simplicity for organizations that lack an internal IT department.

In addition, Planning Maestro delivers a level of sophisticated budgeting, forecasting, and data analysis typically only enjoyed by large enterprises, at a price point that makes it accessible for small and medium-sized businesses.

With a revenue cycle that is often inconsistent, nonprofits need reliable and accurate cash flow projections that can keep up with constant change.

The right FP&A solution should integrate and normalize data from various sources, improving data accuracy and financial health insights. Planning Maestro delivers complete visibility that provides the assurance and clarity that nonprofits need to make budget changes and spend with confidence.

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Modern FP&A for nonprofits

Create accurate projections of funds, grants, and charitable contributions and regulate seasonality and unknowns through continuous forecasting for an accurate picture of your balance sheet and cash flow projections.