Planning Maestro® streamlines and simplifies financial planning and budgeting for nonprofit organizations.


Manage all of your budgeting, financial planning and forecasting with a single, modern, cloud software solution seamlessly integrated with your general ledger. No more trying to manage and reconcile multiple spreadsheets for different projects or initiatives.


Easily accommodate the unique aspects of your organization. Do you need to budget deferred revenue for services? Do you budget payroll by individual? Do you need to allocated expenses or funding by project? Do investors require frequent reports? Planning Maestro has you covered, conforming to the way you work.


Sporadic funding cycles can add complexity to planning for nonprofits. By providing an accurate, holistic view of your finances with a single source of truth, Planning Maestro gives you the visibility needed to plan throughout the year to be successful. Continually deliver the financial intelligence your leadership needs to make critical decisions, while keeping investors well informed.


Accelerate your budgeting cycles and minimize the risk of data errors with Planning Maestro’s intuitive automation. Free up Finance staff from repetitive, manual tasks so they can focus on strategic planning to lead your organization’s growth and success.

Nonprofit Data Sheet Centage

Modern FP&A for Nonprofits

Create accurate projections of funds, grants, and charitable contributions and regulate seasonality and unknowns through continuous forecasting for an accurate picture of your balance sheet and cash flow projections.