Sage 300 & Planning Maestro

Seamlessly link the ERP software you trust with leading-edge budget, forecasting, and reporting tools

Sage 300, Centage

Is your company still manually exporting accounts and trial balance to Excel for consolidation? We’ve partnered with Sage 300 to deliver a better way to create budgets and manage financial statements.

Sage 300, Centage

Centage integrates with Sage 300 to create a quick, reliable and secure way to transfer data from Sage 300 to Planning Maestro. With a few clicks, and no manual transfer of data, you can:

  • Automate the import of your:
    • Chart of Accounts and structures – ensuring all your accounts are accurately reflected in Planning Maestro
    • Actuals – at any time – to compare to plan, budget, forecast or any scenario for variance analysis
    • Actual ending balances and non-financial balances – enabling you to jump-start your budget process
    • Historical and actuals data for bench-marking
    • Account balances for actual vs. budget comparison at any time
  • Eliminate the manual process to export your accounts and trial balance to Excel for data consolidation

Sage 300 is the heart of your financial management capabilities, not to mention a goldmine of historical data. Centage’s integration with Sage 300 allows you to connect to your ERP transaction data – enabling ongoing actuals vs. budget comparisons and accurate forecasts, while eliminating the potential for data entry errors and duplicated information.

Sage 300, Centage
Still trying to budget and forecast using spreadsheets?

Let us show you a better way with Planning Maestro.

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