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Partner Spotlight: BAASS Business Solutions

November 3, 2022
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Since 1988, BAASS Business Solutions has been delivering sustainable growth and value to small and medium enterprises throughout North America and the Caribbean. We offer a comprehensive range of services and business management solutions that create meaningful experiences for their customers.

Q&A with Manny Buigas, Vice President of U.S. & Caribbean Operations

Where is your organization located and how many people do you employ?

Our company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We have 23 offices spanning North America and the Caribbean, with over 150 business analysts, consultants, and developers.

How long have you been a Centage partner?

Our partnership started over 5 years ago.

What is your primary focus/specialty, and why?

Our primary focus is to assist our clients in achieving sustainable growth by creating an exceptional customer experience for their customers. We help our clients reach their potential by enabling business transformation through the alignment of people, process and technology.

What industries are you focused on?

Wholesale-Distribution, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Nonprofits and Retail, Government.

Who are your clients and how do they benefit from your service and/or product offerings?

Our clients are small and medium enterprises that are searching for solutions that enable them to solve business challenges and scale. Whether they require more visibility, agility, efficiency and productivity, we align them with our subject matter experts to help them achieve their goals. We follow a proven methodology from over a thousand implementations. As a result, our clients achieve measurable and unique value through our customer-centric and collaborative approach.

Who are some of your notable clients?

AML Foods Ltd., Arawak Port Development, Bank of The Bahamas Limited, Grenada Electricity Services and Massy Distribution (Barbados) Ltd.

Tell us something interesting about your company that makes you different.

Our Miami office is composed of team members that were born in other countries and immigrated to Miami many years ago. We came from Cuba, Argentina, Nicaragua and Colombia. We are all fluent in Spanish and that allows us to engage our diverse clients in their language of choice.

Why do you partner with Centage?

We partner with Centage because they offer a critical solution that our clients need. They also share our customer-centric approach to their consulting engagements. In addition, Centage offers a solution that is ERP agnostic and that enables our clients to protect their investment and mitigate the risk that if they ever switch their financial software, they can utilize Planning Maestro. This allows our clients to avoid any future business interruption or re-training costs.

How does Planning Maestro help your customers?

Planning Maestro helps our clients automate their budgeting process and save a significant amount of time. It also enables them to collaborate with other team members with budgeting responsibilities. Lastly, it reduces errors that are often experienced when using traditional spreadsheets.

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