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Centage Corporation Distinguished as a Top Performance Management Vendor by BPM Partners for Fourth Consecutive Year

June 15, 2017
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Natick, MA – June 15, 2017 – Centage Corporation, a leading provider of cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has once again been named a Core Vendor in the annual 2017 BPM Partners Pulse of Performance Management Survey. The leading independent authority on business performance management, BPM Partners evaluates the top performance management solutions for their ease of use, robust capabilities, wide appeal and customer satisfaction. Year after year, Centage has continued to climb in the rankings and this year placed ahead of or nearly even with many of the much larger organizations in the report based on unbiased user reviews. Click here to see the report or listen to the webinar recording.According to the BPM Partners’ satisfaction rating scale, Centage received a strong overall satisfaction rating based on Budget Maestro’s ease of use, low TCO, ability to reach beyond finance, analytics and data visualization prowess via self-service BI capabilities from Analytics Maestro, as well as full mobile access. Featuring a new Data Modeler which connects and automatically updates with any ERP or general ledger transactional system, Budget Maestro provides the flexibility, accessibility, real-time and forward-looking capabilities financial professionals need to deliver Smart Budgets and transform their organization’s budgeting process.“[Budget Maestro] is a very capable solution for small to medium size businesses or divisions of larger organizations. It has reporting capabilities, strong analytics, self-service BI tools–it covers all the bases,” said Craig Schiff, president and chief executive officer of BPM Partners. “The full suite is designed to deliver what Centage refers to as Smart Budgets, budgets and plans that are flexible, accessible, collaborative, synchronized, detailed, forward-looking and easy to use and maintain.”“We are quite pleased to be featured for the fourth year in a row as a Core Vendor in the BPM Pulse report and recognized for our ability to support the new Smart Budgets standard,” said Barry Clapp, president and chief executive officer of Centage Corporation. “As our score and appointment to this list demonstrate, we are fully committed to customer satisfaction as well as providing easy to use, flexible solutions that will redefine how finance professionals budget and plan. We will continue to invest in our solutions and strive to bring this new approach to technology to the SMB market.”To learn more about Smart Budgets, watch our new video. For more on Budget Maestro, follow us on Twitter @Centage or visit the Centage Blog.