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Centage Corporation Featured in Nucleus Research CPM Value Matrix

November 13, 2014
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Natick, MA – November 12, 2014 – Centage ™ Corporation, a leading provider of budgeting and forecasting software (Budget Maestro™) for small and medium sized businesses, today announced Budget Maestro has been featured in the Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix Second Half 2014: CPM. The semi-annual report ranks vendors based on functionality and usability, the two core measures that Nucleus has found indicate an application’s ability to deliver initial ROI and, ultimately, maximum value over time. Centage was featured as a “Facilitator,” noted for making the Budget Maestro suite of products “…intuitive and easy to use, driving rapid adoption with limited training requirements.”As noted in the new report, with the release of Budget Maestro 7S, Centage made significant changes to the user interface to improve usability and the simplicity of the product. Many customers cite a 60% reduction in time spent in the budget process using Budget Maestro. In addition, Centage responded to customer requests and needs by simplifying the menus and extending usability by enabling windows docking for users to open more than one window to allow for quick access to multiple options and tasks. With the recent acquisition of BI-Metrix, Centage extended the simple end user financial analytics and customer reporting capabilities of Budget Maestro. According to the report, “Centage continues to gain ground in the competitive budgeting and forecasting market.”"Centage has responded to shifts in CPM as customers demand higher usability for budgeting and forecasting software. Significant upgrades to the company’s user interface have simplified the vendor’s product, automating entries and reducing time spent on basic accounting processes. This has spurred impressive revenue growth as Centage gains ground in this market,” said Nina Sandy, analyst at Nucleus Research.The new report helps companies assess their investment short list as well as evaluate the case for maintaining an existing product that may lag behind the value offered by other options. Nucleus expects the center point of the Matrix, which represents the composite average point in the market, will move up and to the right over time as vendors make more investments in functionality and usability – effectively increasing the average value delivered across all products.“We are pleased to be recognized by Nucleus Research for our commitment to developing sophisticated, yet easy to use, technology for our valued customers,” said Barry Clapp, President & CEO, Centage Corporation. “Our cost effective, flexible, and intuitive suite of Budget Maestro solutions, empower financial leaders with the tools necessary to evolve archaic budgeting and forecasting processes and better manage the financial health of their organization.”To learn more about Nucleus Research’s Value Matrix suite of reports, please visit: