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Centage Corporation Help Finance Teams Navigate Uncertain Times with Scenario Planning

June 2, 2020
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Natick, MA (June 2, 2020) - Centage Corporation (, the leading provider of cloud financial software that transforms how businesses budget, forecast, analyze and report, announced today the availability of its Scenario Planning Service package to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) gain the confidence and clarity they need in their financial decisions to help them navigate during times of change and uncertainty. Scenario and what-if planning are critical exercises that allow finance teams and business managers to assess the impact of a wide variety of internal and external variables on their financial forecasts  and put a plan in place to respond to all potential outcomes. Centage has designed this rapid implementation package to turn valuable scenarios for organizations within two to three business days. As part of the Scenario Planning Service package, all participating organizations will receive two forecast scenarios with detailed financial statements, including:

  • P&L, 2019 actuals versus each forecast scenario
  • Balance Sheet forecasts for each scenario
  • Cash Flow forecast for each scenario

“We are living through extraordinary times, and most  organizations are looking to  revise their financial forecasts for 2020. While no business manager can predict what the future holds with certainty, they can help their organizations prepare for any eventuality through scenario planning. For over twenty years, Centage has helped thousands of customers confidently prepare for the future and successfully navigate difficult and challenging financial and business decisions. This Scenario Planning Services package is a continuation of that value,” said John Murdock, CEO of Centage. “Our goal is to help the SMB community thrive in the face of this adversity.CFOs, business managers and corporate finance teams can learn more about the Centage Scenario Planning Service Package by visiting Scenario Planning Service page.