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Centage Corporation Makes Enterprise-Class Analytics Available to Small to Mid-size Organizations

March 31, 2011
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Natick, Mass., March 30, 2011 – Centage Corporation, a leading provider of integrated budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and financial reporting solutions for small to mid-sized companies (SMB) today announced a new product in the Maestro line of financial software: Analytics Maestro. Analytics Maestro extends the current Planning Maestro and Budget Maestro reporting capabilities by bringing the power and flexibility of enterprise-class OLAP (online analytical processing) multi-dimensional reporting to the smaller organization."Organizations with smaller finance teams – sometimes even a finance team of one – are often faced with a trade-off: power and features or affordability," said Kamran Sassoon, President and CEO of Centage. "Analytics Maestro takes the technology used by the largest and most sophisticated finance teams and makes it easy to use and own by companies with less resources but just as vital a need of accurate and timely financial information."With Analytics Maestro, CFOs and financial executives get personalized dashboard reporting to measure and monitor actual business performance against target goals. By having this vital financial information at their fingertips, executives and managers can quickly and routinely comprehend how they are performing against their key performance indicators (KPIs) including financial and statistical data.Analytics Maestro extracts key data from Planning Maestro and Budget Maestro and keeps it in an OLAP Reporting Cube, to present the most complete and reliable data available. Even data living in the General Ledger system can be imported into, analyzed in and reported on in Analytics Maestro.Analytics Maestro offers:

  • Actionable Analysis - Graphs and charts provide visual cues of where the gaps exist in budget vs. actual data and for KPIs such as Gross Margin, Price and Cost Per Unit.
  • Drill-down - OLAP cube enables drill-down to the underlying data, drag and drop, slicing and dicing using the multiple dimension hierarchies as well as filtering and trend analysis between all the dimensions of Planning Maestro.
  • Fresh Data - All structure, versions, months and years are read out of the Maestro database automatically refreshing the templates as revisions, changes and new months of actual data are loaded.
  • Customization - Complete ad-hoc customization of the rows and columns are available to meet the specific reporting requirements of line of business managers.
  • Speed - OLAP reporting cube technology is the recognized standard for rapid execution time for the most complex ad-hoc reporting.

Centage offers Budget Maestro, Planning Maestro and now Analytics Maestro to make it easier for smaller organizations to perform sophisticated budgeting, forecasting, planning and analysis. With the Maestro family of products, CFOs from organizations of all sizes can have the power of enterprise technology without the cost and IT resource issues associated with complex, lengthy software deployments.Fully functioning versions of Planning Maestro and Budget Maestro are available for a free 30 day evaluation. Visit https://www.centage.com/ to learn more. Planning Maestro and Budget Maestro are available directly from Centage Corporation and through Centage authorized resellers.