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Centage Corporation Unveils User Interface Upgrade for Budget Maestro – Version 7S

August 1, 2014
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Natick, MA – July 31, 2014 –Centage™ Corporation, a leading provider of budgeting and forecasting software (Budget Maestro™) for small and medium sized businesses, today unveiled a sleek new user interface (UI) for their flagship Budget Maestro product. Budget Maestro 7S, designed to improve the overall user experience and bolster productivity, provides users with a more intuitive interface and additional customization options, allowing them to easily navigate and leverage the core product features that matter most in the budgeting process. To watch a demo of the new Budget Maestro 7S visit https://www.centage.com/Resources/Centage-Webinars.asp .“The valley between the rush of year end activities and beginning of the annual budget process is the ideal time to evaluate ways to avoid the pain of annual budgeting,” said Steve Player, North American Director of the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable. “Budget Maestro’s timely version release is a great example. The new interface looks great and is very intuitive for users. The new approach and customizable features and menu options make for an easier, continuous planning and forecasting process.”“Unlike complex Excel spreadsheets, Budget Maestro is known for its accuracy and for the built in budget logic that automates budget creation. We are now making that functionality simple to access,” said Barry Clapp, President and COO of Centage.Budget Maestro 7S highlights include:

  • Customizable ‘Welcome’ page: Featuring a new look and feel with Windows® 8 style tile screen navigation, users can select the features and sections that are most important to them and pin or unpin the tiles easily, creating personalized desktops. The welcome page can also be edited to modify the main group labels. This allows users to mirror the terminology that their business employs, revenue versus bookings for example, allowing them to quickly move through the options.
  • Easy Access menus: Dubbed “Mega Menus”, Budget Maestro 7S includes an easy access menu where all the solutions’ features and tasks are centrally located and visible. Featuring main subsections where financial and operational professionals can look into specific tasks or activities such as operating expenses, the new UI offers two-click navigation, drastically cutting back on time needed to ‘click through’ and locate specific tasks.
  • Windows Docking: The new feature allows for floating windows, enabling users to open multiple windows at one time. Customers can now compare versions or determine how drivers are being calculated by floating windows either side by side or top and bottom, or on multiple monitors.

“Budget Maestro is the most powerful and comprehensive budgeting tool on the market, in that it mirrors the chart of accounts exactly and it fully automates budget generation and maintenance, using proven, pre-built financial logic,” continued Clapp. “By making Budget Maestro easier to use and navigate, we are unleashing the underlying power of the automated logic and will further improve the accuracy and the productivity with which our customers can create and modify their budgets and forecasts.”