Budget Maestro ® Featured as Comprehensive and Established Player in new BPM Partners Vendor Landscape Matrix of Budgeting and Forecasting Solutions

Centage Established in BPM Partners for Budgeting Solutions

Natick, MA – October 31, 2013Centage™ Corporation, a leading provider of easy to use, budgeting and forecasting software (Budget Maestro™) for small and medium sized businesses, today announced today announced the company has been featured in BPM Partners latest Vendor Landscape Matrix.   The new report provides a point-in-time snapshot of all the core Business Process Management (BPM) players, their status in the market and the focus of their offerings.  Noted as “Comprehensive” among established players in the market, the report emphasizes Centage Corporation’s flagship product, Budget Maestro is ideally suited for small to midsize companies looking for an easy to use and low cost, robust performance solution that can grow with the business.  In total, 17 vendors were featured in the annual matrix.

According to the report, a “Comprehensive” vendor is defined as one that bridges finance and operations by providing most, if not all, of the basic financial components and adding operational elements such as operational analytics for departments like sales, HR, services, IT, etc.,  with operational planning, profitability analysis and optimization. Budget Maestro is a scalable budgeting and planning software solution that automates many of the time-consuming activities in the planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analysis process. In the report, analyst Craig Schiff highlighted Budget Maestro’s “…advanced driver-based planning, modeling, dynamic reforecasting, revenue planning, tracking of detailed cost, inventory, bookings and deferred revenue, as well as workforce planning” as key features of the solution. In additional to Budget Maestro, Centage Corporation offers Analytics Maestro, a dynamic add on which provides advanced financial dashboard reporting and analytics.

“We are happy to be featured in the annual BPM Partners Vendor Landscape Matrix among industry heavyweights, newcomers and peers,” said Barry Clapp, President, Centage Corporation. “Unlike all of the other tools in the market, our unique offering requires no programing or maintenance of models. It automatically generates the budget and all forward looking financial statements. Our commitment is to help businesses evolve from a spreadsheet based organization, to one that is empowered with the financial insight and intelligence needed to make strategic business decisions and fuel organizational growth.”

The new Vendor Landscape Matrix is now available:http://www.bmppartners.com/pbmcentral_thebpmreportshtml

To learn more about Centage Corporation’s suite of budgeting and planning solutions, please visit: https://www.centage.com/Products/Products-Overview.asp.

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Centage Corporation’s Planning Maestro is a cloud platform for modern planning and analytics that transforms how companies budget, forecast and report performance. Centage delivers sophisticated financial intelligence that can be implemented quickly and scale with the needs of today’s dynamic businesses. With a direct line-of-sight into the organization’s financial health, Centage clients can react quickly to market changes, take intelligent risks, and capitalize on new opportunities. Centage serves over 10,000 users worldwide. Visit Centage.com, follow on LinkedIn, or visit the Centage Blog for the latest insights.

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