Centage Announces Budget Maestro to be First to Market Solution to Deliver “Smart Budgets” for Corporate Planning Systems

Natick, MA–May 9th, 2017–Centage Corporation, a leading provider of cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today that Budget Maestro is the only solution in the market that meets the criteria for the emerging Smart Budgets standard – a new approach to using technology to automate managing the financial health of the organization. Smart Budgets transform how finance leaders budget, forecast, analyze and report.

“To date, not much has changed in budgeting since the development of the Excel spreadsheet technology,” said Barry Clapp, President and CEO of Centage. “Smart Budgets represent a generational improvement in planning systems by automating the budget model management and opening the systems to providing more information to more users across the enterprise. These new models, with built in intelligence, alleviate a lot of the work and errors inherent in older generation systems. Centage is committed to leading the industry in bringing this new technology to the SMB market.”

Maxwell Rule, president, chief financial officer & chief operations officer, Hames Corporation and Budget Maestro customer says, “Smart Budgets replaced our traditional planning with a new, strategic approach, and it’s made our shareholders, executives, and management team very happy, and more confident in the long term financial success of our organization.”

Finance leaders are tasked daily to demonstrate how well the business is performing, highlight potential risks and propose actionable changes. But without access to accurate financial insight, they fall short. Smart Budgets – an emerging and much improved standard – provides the insight needed to help financial professionals better prepare, make faster, more confident decisions and keep the business on track.

Centage will host a new webinar “Budgeting Redefined – Introducing Smart Budgets” on Thursday, May 11th at 2 p.m. ET to help educate finance professionals on this emerging industry trend for the SMB market and how Budget Maestro’s unique capabilities deliver Smart Budgets effectively.  To register for the event visit HERE.

Attendees of the webinar will have the unique opportunity to learn how Budget Maestro meets the nine key criteria of a Smart Budget:

  • Programs itself with built-in accounting rules and business logic
  • Maintains itself through organizational change
  • Automatically stays in synch with GL accounts
  • Makes reforecasting simple
  • Involves every budget owner
  • Automatically generates balance sheet and cash flow
  • Shows the health of your business – past, present and future
  • Makes reporting and analytics accessible to everyone

“Smart Budgets redefine how finance professionals budget and plan, allowing them to become more valuable contributors to the organization.  Budget Maestro supports this emerging standard by being the first to empower financial professionals with immediate productivity gains, confidence in their projections and greater insight into their financial operations. Smart Budgets deliver useful business information all year long.”

What are Smart Budgets?   Learn more HERE.

To learn more about how Budget Maestro can deliver financial insight for your organization, follow us on Twitter @Centage or visit the Centage Blog.

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Centage Corporation’s Planning Maestro is a cloud platform for modern planning and analytics that transforms how companies budget, forecast and report performance. Centage delivers sophisticated financial intelligence that can be implemented quickly and scale with the needs of today’s dynamic businesses. With a direct line-of-sight into the organization’s financial health, Centage clients can react quickly to market changes, take intelligent risks, and capitalize on new opportunities. Centage serves over 10,000 users worldwide. Visit Centage.com, follow on LinkedIn, or visit the Centage Blog for the latest insights.

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