Centage Announces Premium App for QuickBooks Online Advanced

Framingham, MA (April 27, 2022) – Centage Corporation (www.centage.com), the leading provider of cloud-based FP&A solutions to SMB finance teams, has teamed up with Intuit Inc., the maker of QuickBooks Online Advanced, to bring automated budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analytics capabilities to QuickBooks Online Advanced customers and mid-market organizations looking for cloud-based FP&A solutions, as part of Intuit’s premium application ecosystem. 

With the Planning Maestro Premium App for QuickBooks Online Advanced, customers can benefit from a cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and FP&A solution purpose-built for mid-market organizations. The Planning Maestro App provides a two-way sync of financial data between QuickBooks Online Advanced and Planning Maestro for improved efficiency with fewer manual processes and greater confidence in data quality and integrity. 

The seamless integration brings QuickBooks Online Advanced data into Planning Maestro where a first-pass budget and key reports can be created quickly and easily. Users are able to run what-if scenarios, collaborate and gather feedback on the budget before exporting it to QuickBooks Online Advanced for approval. Planning Maestro’s powerful reporting capabilities are also available to provide integrated cash flow, balance sheet and income statements and automated, accurate forecasts.  

“Centage’s Planning Maestro offers a quick to implement and easy to use automated solution that helps mid-sized businesses using QuickBooks Online Advanced budget and forecast accurately in less time and make informed decisions for their businesses,” said John Murdock, president and CEO of Centage. “Together with Intuit, we look forward to supporting more businesses as they look for solutions to streamline and reduce manual tasks when it comes to their budgeting and planning processes.”

“Our integration with Centage continues to deliver on our goal of providing mid-sized businesses with automation capabilities that make running their businesses more efficient,” said Kelly Vincent, QuickBooks Vice President of Mid-Market Small Business at Intuit. “By reducing the manual tasks associated with budgeting, forecasting and reporting, business owners can save time and focus on serving their customers.”

For more details on the Centage Planning Maestro Premium App for QuickBooks Online Advanced, visit the QuickBooks Online blog or visit the premium apps section of the QuickBooks App store.  

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About Centage

Centage is a leading provider of modern FP&A software solutions that empower Finance teams to lead the way to a stronger, more agile business. Our cloud platform, Planning Maestro, makes sophisticated budgeting, planning, and forecasting easy and accessible. Intuitive automation accelerates workflows and improves accuracy, enabling Finance leaders to deliver reliable information and meaningful insights at the speed of business today’s business. Centage serves over 10,000 users worldwide. Visit Centage.com, follow on LinkedIn, or visit the Centage Blog for the latest insights.

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