Centage Corporation Launches Webinar Series to Advocate for Smarter Business Budgeting

Natick, MA (June 19, 2018) – Centage Corporation (www.centage.com/), a leading provider of cloud-based budgeting solutions, announced the new Smarter Budgeting Webinar Series that is designed to help financial professionals and executives improve their FP&A processes just in time for budget season.

Centage looks to use the webinar series to educate finance professionals on how to make the budgeting process easier, more streamlined and less error-prone. The series will cover such topics as: simplifying your 2019 budgeting process, transitioning from spreadsheets, basics of FP&A software and its benefits and best practices for business budgeting and planning. Each webinar will also give attendees an opportunity to see a demo of Centage’s Maestro Suite of financial planning tools.

“There has never been a better time to transition from using spreadsheets to dedicated FP&A software,” says Centage’s Chief Revenue Officer, John Murdock. “But for many professionals, a tool like Excel is all they have ever used. With this webinar series, we open the door for financial leaders and teams to glimpse the benefits of how software, like the Maestro Suite, can make their lives easier and their budgets, forecasts and reporting more efficient and accurate.” Mr. Murdock added, “We seek to remove the uncertainty that a move away from spreadsheets might cause, while also providing the data and information needed to make a business case for a move to a dedicated software.”

The webinars will be presented bi-weekly throughout budgeting season, and will give attendees the opportunity to see for themselves the intuitive nature of Centage’s collaborative and cloud-based tools inside the Maestro Suite.

To learn more about the Smarter Budgeting Webinar Series and to register, click here.



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