Centage Introduces 13 Period Accounting Capability for Hospitality & Retail Customers

Natick, MA ( June 2, 2021) – Centage Corporation (www.centage.com), the leading provider of cloud-based intelligent planning solutions for finance teams, announced expanded accounting period support for its Planning Maestro product, a powerful, easy to use, and quick to implement FP&A software for finance teams. 

While many businesses use a standard 12 period accounting calendar (one per month) there are a variety of businesses that use a 13 period accounting calendar (with 4 seven day weeks per period); industries such as retail, restaurants, and hospitality find it essential to running a successful business.

With a 13 period accounting calendar these businesses can untether themselves from the monthly calendar and manage their business, budgets, and cash flows through a consistent weekly lens with more useful week over week and period over period financial analysis, ultimately enabling a much more accurate planning and forecasting process for future periods as well.

The 13 period calendar follows the recent release of three new editions of Planning Maestro, Centage’s intelligent planning solution, designed to support a wide range of businesses as they grow, plan, and make decisions to optimize performance. The functionality is available in all 3 editions of Planning Maestro – Standard, Professional and Enterprise. 

“Being able to report on and compare financial data in consistent, 13 four week cycles is critical to monitoring the performance of organizations that experience fluctuations in their business – for instance, retail organizations during the holiday season,” says John Murdock, chief executive officer of Centage. “This addition to our calendar planning capabilities is another example of our continuing efforts to innovate our products and expand the markets we serve, in this case customers that require the flexibility of a 13 period calendar. We strive to develop solutions that help all  customers streamline their decision-making processes, grounding them in accurate, up-to-date data to optimize the health of their businesses.” 

To see it in action in Planning Maestro, check it out here

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