Centage’s Budget Maestro® Enables Better Planning for More Effective Charitable Work for Nonprofits

Natick, MA – December 5, 2017 – Centage Corporation (www.centage.com/), a leading provider of cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software, is working closely with nonprofits to bring them more effective planning tools. Budget Maestro is the first solution to fully support Smart Budgets – the trend that transforms how finance leaders budget, forecast, analyze and report. Nonprofit organizations like Seattle-based Food Lifeline are taking advantage of the benefits Budget Maestro provides to increase capacity and service offerings, and make the necessary shifts to meet need and achieve operational goals.

Nonprofit organizations face uncertainty when it comes to strategic planning and need a data-driven solution that allows them to react quickly and adapt to change in order to grow services. As a member of the Feeding America network, Food Lifeline faced a mission shift – from feeding the hungry to stamping out hunger completely. With Budget Maestro, Food Lifeline transformed its Excel-based planning process into a 10-year strategic plan, allowing it to analyze donation volume, funding needs and understand the effects staffing changes and other operating costs had on the bottom line.

“It’s very flexible and easy to adjust the components of our plan… all without worrying about formulas and broken links in Excel,” said Henry Altschuler, CFO of Food Lifeline.

Budget Maestro offers organizations the ability to quickly build budgets, offer role-based views and manage change. By streamlining the budgeting and planning process, nonprofits can grow their business while focusing on what matters most: helping those in need.

To learn more about Budget Maestro for Nonprofits, visit www.centage.com/.

About Centage

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