SerenaGroup Taps Centage’s Budget Maestro to Drive Global Healthcare Management Growth

Natick, MA – November 1, 2017 – Centage Corporation, a leading provider of cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software (Budget Maestro®) for mid-market organizations, has announced client SerenaGroup®, a global healthcare management company that develops Centers of Excellence in wound care and hyperbaric medicine, has saved a substantial amount of time on their yearly budgeting and forecasting process which they now spend on strategic planning instead of troubleshooting errors in their model. SerenaGroup was looking for more flexibility and scalability for its growing needs, so they turned to Budget Maestro, the first solution to fully support Smart Budgets – the trend that transforms how finance leaders budget, forecast, analyze and report.

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With nearly 30 individual locations and demand growing for more Centers of Excellence, SerenaGroup realized that the financial teams lacked the time and resources to allocate overhead expenses and personnel costs to each facility and analyze results effectively. This caused Controller Joe Paratore to start an industry-wide search for a solution that would streamline his current processes and give him real-time data for strategic forecasting and planning.

When Paratore found Centage, he knew the search was over. “Budget Maestro has eliminated the ‘month long’ budget season we approached with trepidation each year. Now within only one week, we can deliver a comprehensive budget with confidence to key stakeholders,” he said.

This time savings is possible through Budget Maestro, the purpose-built budgeting and planning solution from Centage Corporation. With built-in accounting rules and business logic, Budget Maestro eliminates the time-consuming tedium of spreadsheet-based budgeting and the easy-to-use interface enables greater collaboration and real-time insights necessary to drive growth for any business.

Paratore further remarked “By leveraging a Smart Budgets approach to our financial management, we can better allocate our valuable time and resources to uncovering new business opportunities to serve more patients around the country.”

Today, the team produces both the individual P&Ls and consolidated monthly report with the touch of a button, saving 24 workdays a year and eliminating the need to add resources. With Budget Maestro in place, Paratore can also easily produce cost center distribution results, drill down into payroll expenditure details and run “what-if” scenarios to explore new business opportunities, analyze expenses and execute thoughtful decisions to expand the business and serve more of those in need. Smart Budgets gives Paratore and his team the financial intelligence needed to make faster, more confident decisions and keep the business on track for long term success.

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